BlueGreen Alliance

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Meet Our Staff

Minneapolis (Administrative Headquarters)

1300 Godward Street NE
Suite 2625
Minneapolis, MN 55413

San Francisco

155 Montgomery Street
Suite 1001
San Francisco, CA 94104

Washington, D.C.

1020 19th Street NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036

Staff Directory

Foundation Staff

BlueGreen Alliance Foundation Staff

Lee Anderson

Senior Policy and Legislative Advocate
Phone: 202-706-6913
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Jen Bakkom-Gatzke

Office Manager
Phone: 612-466-4493
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Charlotte Brody

Vice President of Health Initiatives
Phone: 434-286-4010
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Sue Browne

Regional Program Manager
Phone: 269-838-5956
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Erin Bzymek

Senior Press Secretary
Phone: 202-706-6916
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Tom Conway

Regional Program Manager
Phone: 219-680-7221
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Stephanie Celt

Washington State Policy Coordinator
Phone: 206-819-5221
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Lee Geisse

Regional Program Manager
Phone: 330-232-4600
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Kim Glas

Executive Director
Phone: 612-466-4479
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Katie Gulley

Regional Program Manager
Phone: 612-466-4491
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Ashley Haugo

Policy Advocate, Climate
Phone: 202-706-6910
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Roxanne Johnson

Research Analyst
Phone: 612-466-4508
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Erin Kelly

Conference and Events Program Assistant
Phone: 202-706-6903
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Zoe Lipman

Senior Policy Advisor
Phone: 202-706-6902
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Rob McCulloch

Director, Infrastructure Programs
Phone: 202-706-6908
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David McGonagle

Director of Engagement
Phone: 612-466-4482
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Ricki McMillan

Vice President of Finance and Administration
Phone: 612-466-4497
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Khari Mosley

Regional Programs Manager
Phone: 412-562-0351
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Linda Nielsen

Executive Assistant and Corporate/Sponsor Development
Phone: 612-466-4506
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Annie Murphy

Finance Associate
Phone: 612-466-4484
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Ross Nakasone

California Policy Organizer
Phone: 415-216-5750
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Leslie Robertson

Grants Manager
Phone: 202-706-6907
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Kelly Schwinghammer

Vice President of Strategic Communications & Outreach
Phone: 612-466-4483
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Samantha Sewell

Conference and Events Program Director
Phone: 202-706-6904
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Eric Steen

Director of Communications
Phone: 612-466-4488
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JB Tengco

California Director
Phone: 415-549-5018
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Maria Wardoku

Development Associate & Database Manager
Phone: 612-466-4509
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Michael Williams

Vice President, Strategic Development
Phone: 202-706-6905
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