BlueGreen Alliance

Good Jobs, Clean Environment, Green Economy

Education/Training Support

Training Programs

The BlueGreen Alliance offers a range of educational programs addressing solutions to environmental and economic challenges and about emerging issues in the fast-growing green economy. We also conduct joint training for working people, environmentalists and other partners to build alliances and to win on issues that will help create good, well-paying and environmentally sustainable jobs.

Trainings and resources can be designed for specific audiences, and customized to meet the specific needs of unions and organizations. There are also special opportunities for programs for union members, such as Global Warming 101 for Working People

The BlueGreen Alliance also provides skills training — from how to conduct effective one-on-one conversations and volunteer recruitment, to planning and media outreach. Training sessions run in one-hour, three-hour, and 1-3 day sessions.

In addition, the BlueGreen Alliance offers intensive train-the-trainer programs to help partners and allies quickly expand their educational audience to achieve maximum impact.

For more information about BlueGreen Alliance educational programs, please contact National Education and Program Development Director Jim Young.

Speaking Engagements

BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster is an exceptional and dynamic speaker and a national leader in the movement to expand the number and quality of jobs in the clean economy.  He regularly provides keynote presentations to conventions, conferences, and to large audiences from the labor, business, environmental and academic communities in the U.S. and abroad. 

Other BGA staff experts, as well as leaders from our partner organizations, are also available to address a range of issues relating to good jobs, a clean environment and a green economy, including:

  • Climate change
  • Clean Energy
  • Green Chemistry and Green Products
  • Toxics Prevention
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Transportation and Autos
  • EPA and OSHA regulations and the economy
  • Work, Environment and Public Health
  • Infrastructure, including broadband, transmission and water
  • Green schools
  • Workers’ Rights
  • Trade and Buy America
  • Recycling

Among BGA’s in-house experts available for speaking engagements are:

  • Lee Anderson (energy efficiency; industrial efficiency; recycling)
  • Charlotte Brody (environmental, public and workplace health; chemicals policy; green schools)
  • Jacques Koppel (wind and solar supply chains)
  • Rob McCulloch (state and national advanced automobile, transportation water and pipeline issues)
  • Kelly Schwinghammer (communications and media strategy)
  • Michael Williams (green schools, national clean energy policy)
  • Jim Young (alliance building, worker education)

To request Mr. Foster for a speaking engagement, or to inquire about another BlueGreen Alliance speaker for your event, please email Linda Nielsen at

Read more about David Foster and the other BGA speakers.