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Additional Transportation Resources

Additional Transportation Resources

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Reports, Papers and Websites

Economic Policy Institute issue brief on job creation resulting from transportation investments

Transportation for America and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) study on the job impacts of infrastructure investments

The Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness’s studies on public transit bus and medium- and heavy-duty truck supply chains. And US Manufacture of Rail Vehicles for Intercity Passenger Rail and Urban Transit

More Transit = More Jobs report by the Transportation Equity Network

DOT Report on Transportation’s Role in Reducing GHG Emissions

Smart Growth America data on job creation resulting from public transit investments in the Recovery Act

Public Transportation 101: Federal Funding And Programs Under SAFETEA-LU, an overview by Reconnecting America

Public Transportation and the Nation’s Economy: A Quantitative Analysis of Public Transportation’s Economic Impact

APTA Public Transportation Fact Book

Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles: The U.S. Value Chain By Duke Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness

Presentations from the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) briefing on the job creation and economic development impacts of public transportation.

Jumpstarting the Transit Space Race report by Reconnecting America on federal transit funding

STAA Executive Summary

Congressional Research Service study of Oberstar’s proposed transportation reauthorization (STAA)

Penny Wise, Pound Fuelish – CNT’s report on the benefits of compact, transit oriented communities

Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Program – ARRA funded DOT administered discretionary grant program

Overview of FTA’s Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas & Energy Reduction (TIGGER) program

Key Findings from a National Survey on Transportation, a Public Opinion Strategies survey summary

The Good Haul: Freight Innovations for the 21st Century – By Kathryn Phillips, Environmental Defense Fund

Economic Prospects: Industrial Policy and the Revival of US Manufacturing – Robert Pollin

TRB (TCRP) Legal Research Results Digest 31: Guide to Federal Buy America Requirements—2009

National Academy of Science Recommendations Regarding Fuel Economy Standards for Trucks

DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration website

Report from Pike: 300,000 Hybrid Trucks and Buses by 2015

Delivering Jobs: The Economic Costs and Benefits of Improving the Fuel Economy of Heavy-Duty Vehicles By Calstart

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings from Transit National Academies Transportation Research Board. More TRB resources here.

US Conference of Mayors report on the benefits of HSR investments

GAO Transit Rail Car Report

Toward a New National Energy Policy: Assessing the Options by Resources for the Future

FTA report on the $78 billion maintenance backlog needed to bring our transit systems to a state of good repair

Articles and News Hits

The president announces a $50 billion down payment on transportation infrastructure and Rep. Garamendi on that plan but it may not be released until Feb 2010

Court Upholds LA Clean Truck Program Rulings

How Infrastructure Investments Support the U.S. Economy: Employment, Productivity and Growth

Amtrak Unveils Ambitious HSR plan

Tiger II applications overwhelm the DOT

AT&T and Verizon to launch clean truck programs

Rob Puentes on LA’s 30/10 Initiative

How to Keep Transportation Manufacturing Jobs in LA

Japan plans to offer HSR loans to California if they use Japanese technology

At this rate China may have 1000kmh trains before the U.S. has 300kmh trains

Overseas manufacturers see a major opportunity in the American transportation market

Making tracks: International companies covet Florida’s high-speed rail business

FTA Announces $300 Million in Transit Funding

Chinese to Manufacture of US Hybrid Bus Technology

From Mass Transit to New Manufacturing

A Linked-Fee for Carbon Reduction?

China to Bid on US High-Speed Rail Projects and to provide the R&D.

Manufacturing Leads the Economic Recovery

Climate Progress Coverage of High Speed Rail

Nation needs to ramp up transit funding, Rep. Nadler says

Viewpoints: High-speed rail: Don’t penalize the poor

Legislator proposes bill to stop high-speed rail project in WI

FRA to Grant $115 Million for Rail Construction

Bush-Era Transit ‘Cost-Effectiveness’ Rule to Cost Charlotte $67M

China Again Hopes to Drive U.S. Rail Construction

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talking about livable communities

Gillig transit manufacturing success story

UPS Expanding Their Hybrid Truck Fleet

Amtrak Considering High Speed Rail

All Electric Delivery Truck in The Bronx