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Jan 2 13

America’s With Us

As we kick off our work in 2013, it is great to read a headline reminding us of a very important fact: America’s with us. American consumers support renewable energy, and they know it will be a big part of our future as we move to a cleaner and more efficient economy.

According to the new Energy & Environment Consumer Survey — a national survey asking 1,000 adults their opinion of several energy and environmental concepts — released by Pike Research:

  • 69 percent of American consumers have a favorable opinion of solar power;
  • 66 percent like wind power; and
  • 54 percent of Americans support hybrid vehicles.

As we stated in a recent blog,

The great debates we’ve engaged in throughout 2012, on climate change, green jobs, renewable energy, manufacturing and transportation, have set up for some big things to come for next year… Americans and the economy are sturdy and resilient and have shown that they want to build on the progress we’ve already made.

It’s time to get to work. We need to create a national dialogue that will bring climate change to the top of the nation’s agenda. We’ve seen what climate change could bring. It’s time to move forward and build a plan for how we will create jobs by adapting to climate change, limiting our carbon pollution and investing in our infrastructure.