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Apr 24

The BlueGreen Source for Friday, April 24, 2015


Workers Memorial Day is observed on April 28, and a new study found that there are more than 54,000 preventable deaths from workplace safety in our country each year—including those that die from exposure to toxic chemicals and other workplace hazards. (Charleston Daily Mail)


“The BlueGreen Alliance supports fair, transparent trade that doesn’t engage the U.S. in a race to the bottom,” said BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Kim Glas. “Fast Track is the opposite of that. That’s why it is wrong for our workers, economy and environment.”


Fast Track – A House committee yesterday passed a Fast Track Trade Authority proposal. Now, it will head to the House floor, but the timing is still up in the air. (Reuters)

Ag and climate change – The Obama administration is pushing for action to cut down agriculture’s impact on climate change . (Washington Post) 

Blame Canada – The Canadian emissions pledge for a global climate agreement likely will fall short of America’s pledge. (The Hill)

Solar and vets – Six Senate Democrats are asking to double the capacity of an Obama administration program that trains outgoing military members for jobs in the solar industry. (The Hill)


Politico: Obama admonishes his base on trade

Scientific American: How to Misinterpret Climate Change Research

Midwest Energy News: Michigan Democrats propose doubling clean-energy standards

The Guardian: Can the Bullitt Center prove that it pays for buildings to go 'deep green'?

Sacramento Bee (CA): Kevin de León, California officials push renewable energy

MLive (MI): Renewable energy center in Muskegon to host free workshop on solar development

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Apr 23

The BlueGreen Source for April 23, 2015


A Senate committee approved a Fast Track Trade Authority bill yesterday. Today, a House Committee is hearing similar legislation. The United Steelworkers, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Communications Workers of America and the BlueGreen Alliance are holding a press teleconference call later today urging the House committee to vote against the measure. Stay tuned tomorrow for coverage of that. (Wall Street Journal)


“Rapid advancements in clean energy, energy efficiency, and low-carbon energy technologies are creating jobs, stimulating investment, and spurring innovation, proving that there does not have to be a conflict between a sound environment and strong economic growth. Moving to a low-carbon economy is creating new industries and unlocking cleaner forms of affordable and reliable American-made energy,” said President Obama in an interview.


Capturing waves – Efforts to generate energy from the ocean’s waves are underway in Australia. (New York Times) 

Show-me clean energy – More than 20 organizations—including the Sierra Club—have banded together to create the Missouri Clean Energy Coalition to lobby for approval of an interstate clean power line and other clean energy priorities. (Fulton Sun)

Virginia is for clean energy lovers – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed several bills on Earth Day to promote clean energy in the state. (Augusta Free Press)

Moving forward – Nebraska lawmakers advanced a bill that would provide a state production tax credit for wind and other renewable energy. (Omaha World-Herald) 


USA Today: Senate panel approves 'fast track' trade bill

TIME: Obama’s Florida Visit Takes Climate Change Fight to the Front Lines on Earth Day

New York Times: Liquid Batteries for Solar and Wind Power

The Hill: Committee passes $35B funding bill for energy, water development

High Plains Journal: Oklahoma tops EPA charts for pollution reduction to waterways

The Hill: Poll: Conservatives alone say global warming won't happen during their lives

Sandusky Register (OH): Rep. Kaptur takes Kasich to task on renewable energy

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Apr 22

The BlueGreen Source for Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Happy Earth Day!


“So the answer is not only no, but hell no,” said Senator Harry Reid in response to a question about if he supports a bipartisan trade deal.


Energy boost – Vice President Biden and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz traveled to Philadelphia yesterday to highlight the problems and solutions of investing in America’s energy infrastructure. Here’s our statement . (Bloomberg)

Creating jobs – According to a new analysis, the EPA’s carbon emissions limits would create a quarter of a million jobs, the biggest growth would be in the first 10 years of implementation. (Inside Climate News)

OneNYC – New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio has announced a city-wide initiative to create500,000 housing units by 2040 and also create thousands of jobs building and constructing those units. (New York Times)

Low cost solution – A new report by the Environmental Defense Fund shows the cost to fixmethane emissions is low. (New York Times)


The Hill: Utilities need more time for Obama climate rule, federal office says

Cleveland Plain Dealer: White House promotes plans to help Great Lakes deal with climate change and restore wetlands

National Journal: 10 U.S. Cities That Are Going Green

The Hill: House clears energy efficiency bill 

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Apr 21

The BlueGreen Source for Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions aren’t holding back to the economy (as some politicians would want us all to believe), according to the U.S. Department of Energy. In 2014, the economy grew faster than greenhouse gas emissions. (Bloomberg)


“If Earth Day has but a single legacy, it is to remind us that as humans we all contribute to the environment’s problems and so we are all obliged to participate in the pursuit of solutions—in united, nonpartisan fashion,” writes the editorial board of the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. 


Trade push – A Senate panel will hear the case today about whether or not to give the president Fast Track trade authority. (NPR)

Energy upgrade – The Obama administration released a report calling for billions to modernize and upgrade the nation’s energy infrastructure after the first Quadrennial Energy Review was released. (The Hill)

Battery life – The use of renewable energy exists in more places around the country than ever before and batteries are helping to make that growth possible. (New York Times)

Reassurance – Ahead of the Paris climate talks, countries are urging the U.S. offer reassurance that it plans to meet all of its commitments. (National Journal)

Tale of three cities – Three coastal cities around the world make preparations to infrastructure in order to be more prepared for expected higher water levels. (RTCC)



New York Times: Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes

Climate Central: Major Changes Loom in Arctic as U.S. Leads Council

Huffington Post: Apple Makes New Commitment To Fight Climate Change, But Has A Long Way To Go

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Apr 20

The BlueGreen Source for Monday, April 20, 2015


In honor of the 45th Earth Day, President Obama will travel to the Florida Everglades to highlight how climate change is having an impact in the state and across the country. (USA Today)


“If they are an Ohio-based company, they are either going out of state or going out of business,” said Steve Giles, vice president for alternative energy at Hull & Associates, blaming the state’s freeze on expanding renewable energy.


Plan of action – Officials, environmentalists and industry leaders outline a plan of action to pinpoint the source of methane hanging over the region where New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah meet. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

No good reason – Three judges were not convinced of an argument to stop the proposed rule to limit carbon emissions. “Why would we do that?” said Judge Thomas Griffith at the proceedings. (Think Progress)

Forty global companies – The heads of 40 global companies pledged to make their own emissions cuts in the lead up to the Paris climate talks and urged negotiators come up with an ambitious agreement. (Reuters)

Targeting water safety – Three presidential candidates have cosponsored a bill to block better clean water protections for rivers and streams. (The Hill)


The Hill:Jeb Bush ‘concerned’ about climate change

Huffington Post:Energy Equality on Earth Day

The Hill: Auto union opposes trade deal

Bloomberg BNA: Little Momentum for National Right-to-Work, Despite Support by White House Contestants

The Hill: Week ahead: House gets to work on energy reform

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Apr 17

The BlueGreen Source for Friday, April 17, 2015


The fight against Fast Track trade authority is heating up as yesterday a bipartisan bill was introduced that would allow Fast Track. Opponents, including the BlueGreen Alliance, say that Fast Track is bad for our economy and environment. (Politico)


“We've had the start of a Senate hearing even before a bill was finalized and introduced. Now, that legislation is headed to mark up and a floor vote in just days. TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) pretends to be about trade, but in reality it is about protecting corporate profits above all else and defining our national security in terms of giving away our jobs, depressing our wages and then rewarding the responsible multinational corporations, often U.S. based, with guaranteed profits in the nations where they invest," said CWA President Larry Cohen in a statement about the newly introduced bill.


A bad deal – The head of the American Sustainable Business Council has penned an opinion piece that highlights why Fast Track is a big mistake for most businesses. (The Hill)

Dismissive – A panel of federal judges appears to be leaning toward dismissing the first legal challenge against the Clean Power Plan. (New York Times) 

43 CEOs urge climate action – The CEOs of 43 international companies sent an open letter that both commits them to reducing greenhouse gases in their own corporation and also asks that countries put a price on carbon pollution. (The Hill)

The Pope and climate change – Here’s a look at why Pope Francis’ climate change encyclicalis a step forward for the church. (US News & World Report)

85 percent – A new report says that 85 percent of facilities in the Midwest storing nine toxic chemicals haven’t filed a risk management plan with the EPA. (AllGov) 


New York Times: Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Accord

Washington Post: The Arctic is ‘unraveling’ due to global warming, and the consequences will be global

Reuters: Boardrooms and public fuel momentum for climate change: experts

Washington Post: Experts: Powering your home with batteries is going to get cheaper and cheaper

Kansas City Star (MO): Climate change being measured in property damage, loss of life and costs in billions of dollars

Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH): In Ohio, unlike California, there's water, water everywhere -- an asset to be preserved: editorial

Detroit News (MI): Stanfield: Pols a threat to clean energy in Michigan

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Apr 16

The BlueGreen Source for Thursday, April 16, 2015


Unions, environmentalists and other allies yesterday rallied on Capitol Hill against Fast Track trade promotion authority. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said, “Our trade policies should level the playing field, punish those who violate the law and strengthen our middle class.”


“There's another big benefit of these standards and other actions we've taken under the Clean Air Act that we don't talk about enough: They help grow our economy,” writes EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in the Huffington Post


Push back – Governors from New Hampshire and Vermont pushback on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s letter urging governors to defy proposed EPA rules. (AP)

Under pressure – The world’s richest nations are under pressure from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to provide developing nations with $100 billion a year for climate related programs by 2020. (Bloomberg)

Quick fix – A group of senators yesterday urged action before the looming deadline on transportation funding, set to expire May 31. (The Hill)

6,000 – That’s how many people wind energy employed in Iowa last year. That’s 2,000 more people than the year before according to the American Wind Energy Association. (Des Moines Register) 


New York Times: Legal Battle Begins Over Obama Bid to Curb Greenhouse Gases

Climate Progress: Vatican Announces Major Summit On Climate Change

Bloomberg: Grid Power Will Survive Clean Energy Challenge, Stem CEO Says

Livingston Daily: Entrepreneurs support clean energy policies

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Apr 9

The BlueGreen Source for Thursday, April 9, 2015

Editorial note: The Source will be on hiatus for a few days and will return Wednesday, April 15.


Vice President Joe Biden will receive the Green Jobs Champion award at this year’s Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference. For all the latest conference updates, including pictures and more, follow @gjgjconference on Twitter or


“I am confident that we have the guts and the know-how to find solutions that work—making our society more sustainable, while also strengthening our economy. To do this, however, we need leaders who accept the facts and have a plan to solve this crisis,” Climate activist Tom Steyer writes in a Huffington Post blog.


Gag order – A state board in Wisconsin voted 2-1 yesterday in favor of preventing staff at a state agency from discussing climate change while on the job. (Wisconsin State Journal)

Data and more data – The White House unveiled this week 150 new open data sets. One such data set uses Google Earth Street View data to analyzemethane emissions. (Government Technology)

Head on – With the worst of the recession behind us, one of President Obama’s key economic advisors is now focusing on the challenge of climate change. (New York Times)

Most sustainable – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled a plan yesterday to make the city one of the most sustainable in the country by reinventing itself as a more walkable, electric vehicle-friendly city. (New York Times) 


National Journal: T-Mobile Drops Membership in Conservative Group ALEC

The Guardian:Japan to pledge 20% CO2 cut – reports

New York Times: In California, Cities Braced to Cut Water by 10 to 35%

CNN: President Obama, others link climate change to public health

RTCC: As it happened: City mayors adopt sustainability goals in Seoul 

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Apr 8

The BlueGreen Source for Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Ohio becomes the latest state to consider right-to-work measures as a small legislative panel will contemplate adding it to the constitution. (Cincinnati Enquirer)


“Fast track trade promotion, also known as TPA, means fewer jobs, lower wages and a declining middle class, a stark contrast to what the country needs and what hard-working families deserve,” writes UAW President Dennis Williams.


Doctor’s orders – According to an administration official Brian Deese in a press call yesterday,seven in 10 doctors are seeing effects on their patients’ health from climate change that is “posing a threat to more people in more places.” (Bloomberg)

Roadblocks – Several roadblocks have gotten in the way of Maryland’s pursuit of a 25 turbineoffshore wind project. (Baltimore Sun)

Making up for lost time – The late start to the allergy season is now making up for lost time. It’s now predicted to be an especially severe allergy season. (USA Today)

135,000 – Activists sent a petition with 135,000 signatures asking Walgreens to phase out the use of toxic chemicals in its products. (Baltimore Sun)


The Oregonian: Teens' climate-change suit hits court with call to protect our air

The Hill: White House: Obama 'greenest president' ever

Climate Central: How Flood Insurance Could Drive Americans From Coasts

New York Times: Anemic Report on California Water Conservation Adds to Crisis

WDET: Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice on Climate Change in Detroit 

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Apr 7

The BlueGreen Source for Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have put forward a rule to help protect America’s water sources and now it is heading to the White House for review. Later this week, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will travel to Minnesota and to Texas for a pair of events aimed at promoting the EPA’s water pollution control efforts and the Waters of the United States rule specifically. (The Hill)


“For politicians and climate-denial groups, the elixir of life is money. Now that corporations are becoming reluctant to bankroll crazy theories, the surrender of climate-change deniers will follow,” penned Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank .


Views on climate aren’t red and blue – A new study that looks at how concerned Americans are about climate change highlights that the issue isn’t just a red- or blue-state issue. (New York Times)

See them while you can – New research shows the glaciers of Western Canada could shrink by 70 percent by 2100. (New York Times)

Steyer looks to ’16 – Climate change activist Tom Steyer is looking to make the issue a prominent one in the next presidential election. (The Hill)

Hitting the goal – The Sonoma County Water Agency in California has achieved its goal of getting all its energy from renewables or carbon-free sources. (Sonoma Press Democrat)


Politico: Lindsey Graham: Too green for the GOP?

Think Progress: ALEC Doesn’t Want To Be Known As A ‘Climate Denier’ Organization Anymore, And It’s Willing To Sue

Washington Post: White House to explore how climate change makes you sick

New York Times: Beneath California Crops, Groundwater Crisis Grows

Politico: Carly Fiorina blames environmentalists for California drought

MLive (MI): Lisa Wozniak: Of the energy proposals on the table, some make more sense

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