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Jan 18 13

AT&T & Cisco Join Forces on Home Energy Management Partnership

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The following post is from Stephanie Hernandez, communications intern for the BlueGreen Alliance.

The week of January 9, 2013, Cisco announced plans to offer a new home control and monitoring panel for AT&T’s Digital Life service.

AT&T’s Digital Life is an all-digital fully integrated home security and automation service. Their partnership with Cisco would enable them to equip customers with the ability to control their homes using a smartphone, tablet or pc.

Smart energy management practices and programs, which incorporate the demand response technology that AT&T and Cisco are now providing, can help drastically reduce waste, cut pollution, and lower energy bills. A 2011 report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission notes that the potential peak load reduction from demand response programs is more than 53 GW, and that potential has been increasing year by year.

Joe Chow, vice president and general manager of Connected Home Devices, Cisco, stated “As more and more data and devices become connected, the Internet of Everything makes it possible for consumers to check in on loved ones, pets, and energy consumption on the go”. Internet is easing the ability to check on various things with only your electronic device.

The Digital Life controller will allow users to wirelessly manage devices connecting AT&T software with Cisco Z-Wave radio. Devices include cameras and door locks to moisture-detection sensors and appliance and lighting. AT&T Digital Life has created a simple, easy to use, intuitive user experience with applications being developed for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Cisco-AT&T partnership is one of many service providers to enter the home security and energy management space. Verizon Communications, Time Warner Cable and Comcast have offered similar bundled packages for energy monitoring and management. As more companies offer these kind of services that monitor and manage energy use, this is movement towards more efficient energy use as well as reducing costs of residential energy use. By expanding their services, the possibilities of jobs grow as well. A technology induced movement may lead to economic benefits that are green and revolutionary.