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May 29 12

BlueGreen Alliance & SEIU Map Out Blueprint for the Future in Denver

This blog is by Sue Browne Regional Program Manager for the BlueGreen Alliance in Michigan and Wisconsin.

This week I’m proud to participate in the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) International Convention in Denver. Over 3,000 SEIU delegates and social activists are gathering on behalf of a better future for all of us and that means taking on necessary fights for workers’ rights, for the middle class and for the environment. Delegates come from far and wide, across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico among other places to join this important discussion.

One of the fastest growing unions in North America, SEIU represents more than 1.1 million healthcare workers including nurses, doctors and home care workers, 225,000 members in the building cleaning and security industries and more than one million local and state government workers, bus drivers and child care providers.

As part of our efforts to map out a Blueprint for the Future together, I’m spreading the word amongst conference participants about a newly proposed standard from EPA that will require future plants to emit fewer greenhouse gases. As a proud union member and representative from the BlueGreen Alliance I believe that we can and must create jobs that support and protect the environment to create safer communities and create good, family supporting jobs. In the long run, the real choice is not jobs or environment. It's both or neither.

SEIU members are showing enthusiastic support for stronger environmental protections and hundreds have already signed statements of support.

Later in the week, I’m looking forward spending time with Michigan and Wisconsin delegates attending the conference to talk about ways we can continue to work together gathering support for protections of our air, soil and water that are a net benefit to people — both economically and improving health.

This conference provides a unique opportunity for people across the workforce to come together and show support for something we all believe in – worker rights. Strong environmental protections are also part of that equation and the support I have already seen first-hand for this standard speaks volumes about the potential impact it would have contributing to making the U.S. economy more competitive, putting millions back to work, strengthening existing industries, and building the industries of the future.

Join the growing movement of people here calling to protect the environment and create economic growth.