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Jan 31 13

Clean Energy Grows in 2012

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy has put out their 2013 Factbook and it’s filled with interesting analysis of the state of the clean energy sector. If you — like me — have ever wondered who were the Top 10 wind owners in the country or how much utilities spent on energy efficiency and electric load control (and, let’s face it, who hasn’t), this is the book you want. 

Some of the more interesting topline facts include: 

  • Renewable energy installations hit a record high with 17-gigawatts of new capacity added in 2012. 
  • Carbon pollution emissions form the energy sector were on pace last year to sink to their lowest levels since 1994. 
  • Investments in smart grid topped $4 billion in America in 2012. 
  • Sales of hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles reached nearly 500,000 in 2012, representing over 3 percent of passenger vehicle sales. 

After reading a good chunk of the Factbook, one thing is clear: the clean economy was strong in 2012. That’s a foundation that we can continue to build on to create good jobs and reduce the carbon pollution that is causing our world to warm. And, it’s something that we as Americans can be truly proud about.