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Feb 7 13

Getting There: Can the U.S. Meet Its Goal of Reducing Carbon Pollution

The following post is from Ashley Haugo, a Policy Aide at the BlueGreen Alliance.

This week, the World Resources Institute (WRI) released its report “Can The U.S. Get There From Here?” And while the theoretical answer to that question is a definitive “maybe,” the real-life answer is “if we want to.”

Through analysis of scenarios that factor in varying levels of ambition on the state and federal levels, the report outlines the U.S.’s ability to adequately reduce greenhouse gas emissions — with a particular focus on the international pledge to reduce our nation’s emissions by 17 percent below 2005 by the year 2020. 

As is expected, it’s hard to predict which exact permutation of these scenarios will play out in real life, but there is no question that without ambitious, “go-getter” action either by the federal government or the states — or both – the U.S. will indeed fall short of its 17 percent commitment.   

But that’s not to say it cannot be done. The tools and resources necessary to adequately curb emissions are within our purview, and it’s now just a matter of deciding whether or not we are going to use them to their full capacity.