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May 21 12

May 21 Edition of the Ally


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BGA Updates

BlueGreen Alliance to testify in EPA rules hearing
Representatives from the BlueGreen Alliance will be present to testify in support of the newly-introduced Environmental Protection Agency New Source Performance Standard (NSPS), setting the first ever carbon emissions standards for newly built power plants. The hearings will take place on Thursday, May 24; keep on eye out for BGA updates on the proceedings! 

BlueGreen Alliance emphasizes clean energy and manufacturing in ‘To-Do” list
President Obama announced the Administration’s 'To Do' list for Congress to complete before summer recess. Among the critical policy measures are extending clean energy and advanced manufacturing tax provisions vital to maintaining the job growth from those industries. Read more. 

BlueGreen Alliance urges SF transit to support American jobs
In an effort to put Americans back to work and improve the city’s public transportation services, the BlueGreen Alliance sent a letter to San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors in support of Alstom Transportation’s bid to provide 775 new cars. BART moved foward with the bid from another company that had less American content. Read more. 

Good Jobs, Green Jobs pulls into the finish line at Detroit
The Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference wrapped up its fourth and final 2012 regional event in Detroit, Michigan. Check out the highlights here

BGA Blogs

Responsible Private Equity Investors Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing
Green Files: Chevy Cruze - Creating Good Jobs in Ohio
Congressional Transportation Conference Committee Begins - watch the first hearing here
A Revival Is Afoot In American Manufacturing
From NRDC: Musicians, Forest Industry, Labor, and Environmental groups take stand against bills to undercut U.S. efforts to address illegal logging
From Sierra Club: Club Teams Up With Labor & Faith Groups for Pennsylvania May Day Rally
From AFT: AFT Members Preparing Students for Renewable Energy Careers at Madison College
From CWA/SpeedMatters: New Report Touts Broadband as the Backbone of Business and Economic Recovery 

Take Action

Protect the Environment, Create Economic Growth
Time to Hit the Gas on Transportation Reauthorization
Tell Congress to Pass Clean Energy Tax Credits
Support Workers and the Environment: Oppose the USDA's Poultry Inspection Rule 

Partner News

CWA: Real Rules Reform Needed in US Senate
NRDC: 'Going Green' Awards celebrates leaders and innovators in the field of sustainable food and agriculture
UCS: UCS Launches the Center for Science and Democracy
USW: USW Blasts House Bill for Weakening DOE Worker Safety
UAW: Statement by UAW President Bob King on President Obama's 'to do list' for job creation 

Clean Energy News  Cuyahoga County is creating jobs while saving energy
Governors Wind Energy Coalition: Leaked memo on anti-wind campaign disputed
MarketWatch: Alcoa Groundbreaking Launches $90 million Aluminum Lithium Operation International Paper Expects to Meet 12 Sustainability Goals by 2020
Site Selection: Napoleon's Solar Campaign 

Legislative News

May 17 – Senate committee considers Clean Energy Standard
The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a hearing on the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012, an effort to promote low carbon technologies and electricity generation from a market-based approach. Read more here

May 15 – Senate approves Export-Import Bank reauthorization
The Senate passed the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, the lending authority responsible for promoting the sale of US goods and services abroad and supporting 290,000 export-related jobs. Read more. 

May 15 – IL Senator calls for TSCA reform
In light of a report uncovering the use of purposeless and toxic flame retardant chemicals in household products, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin pointed to the importance of a modernized Toxic Substances Control Act and consumer protections found in the Safe Chemicals ActRead more. 

May 10 – Congressmen introduce fossil fuel subsidy repeals
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison unveiled the End Polluter Welfare Act aimed at saving over $110 billion dollars in federal subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. Read more here. 

Administration News

May 18 – Administration announces tariff on Chinese solar panels
The Department of Commerce announced new tariffs on Chinese made solar panels after the Administration found that companies were flooding US markets with government-subsidized products. Read more. 

May 14 – EPA and Commerce create new green tech job portal
The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Commerce have joined forces to launch an environmental technology initiative aimed at connecting companies with US government support activities in this growing field. Read more. 

May 14 – DOI takes next steps on Atlantic offshore wind backbone
The Department of Interior announced a “no competitive interest” finding for the Atlantic Wind Connection, the proposed offshore wind transmission backbone off the eastern seaboard. The project must pass an environmental review before being granted a ‘right-of-way’ for construction. Read more. 

May 10 – EPA updates Clean Air Standards for gas stations      
As newer energy efficient engine technologies penetrate the market place, emission-capturing technologies employed in gas station terminals have been rendered obsolete. The Environmental Protection Agency has removed the regulation on gas stations, projected to save thousands of dollars each year. Read more. 

Climate Corner

G-8 Leaders reaffirm climate change and the need for immediate action
Representatives from countries comprising the “Group of Eight” — the major eight economies of the world — met at Camp David to discuss the European debt crisis among other current economic and political issues. Agreements on the importance of man-made climate change and the effects of extreme weather were a major outcome in the meeting’s declaration. Read more.