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May 8 12

May 7 Edition of the Ally

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BGA Updates 

BlueGreen Alliance presses transportation bill benfits in light of March job numbers
In April, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 115,000 jobs were created, dropping the unemployment rate to 8.1%. The BlueGreen Alliance is urging swift passage of the Senate version of the transportation reauthorization bill, a two-year bill that will put millions back to work.  Read more. 

Good Jobs Green Jobs fourth regional conference revs its engine in Detroit
The final of four regional Good Jobs Green Jobs Conferences will take place this week in Detroit, focused on creating good jobs that are good for our environment.  Read more and find out how to get involved here!

Take Action!

Protect the Environment, Create Economic Growth Support the Clean Air Standard Today

Tell Congress to Pass Clean Energy Tax Credits

Support Workers and the Environment: Oppose the USDA's Poultry Inspection Rule

Pass the Senate Transportation Bill

BGA Blogs

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Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Lineup Behind Production Tax Credit

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End the Delays Deadly to Workers

From UFCW: The Nation: New Rules Mean New Hardship for Poultry Workers

From NRDC: Getting into the Green Zone: New York City Adopts Zoning Amendments to Further Promote Green Buildings

From Sierra Club: President Obama Puts Clean Energy At the Top of the List

From National Journal: Debunking a false premise

From CWA: FCC Backs Rural Internet Connectivity with $300 Million Fund

From SEIU: We Remember The Dead And Fight Like Hell For The Living!

Partner Updates

NRDC: Ambitious Solar Program in India Driving Prices to Impressive Lows

UCS: Logging and the Law: How the U.S. Lacey Act Helps Reduce Illegal Logging in the Tropics (2012)

UAW: It's time for action on Workers Memorial Day

ATU: Highway bill enters congressional homestretch

Clean Energy Business News

MarketWatch: IP Announces 100% Recycled Paper for North American Customers

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: Green Roof Industry Aggressively Grows 115% in 2011 Washington DC First Time Market Leader

Reuters: South Korea approves carbon trading scheme

Recharge: US governors add support for extension of wind tax incentives

Mass High Tech: Maine utilities commission OKs tidal energy contracts

Renewable Energy World: Latin America Report: Mexico Climate Law Takes Shape

AOL Energy: 'Clash of the Titans': California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard Battle

Car and Driver: Eight Automakers Working with SAE on Combined Charging System to Consolidate All Types of EV Charging

Legislative Updates

May 3 ­– Congressman Markey requests Arctic climate change hearing
In response to well-documented loss of sea ice in the Artic circle due to climate change, Representative Ed Markey sent a letter to House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings, urging a hearing on national security concerns over economic expansion into the region. Read more.

April 27 – Democrats introduce clean energy, manufacturing bill
House Democrats introduced the Incentivizing the Production of American Clean Energy and Technology (IMPACT) Act, aimed at ending subsidies for large oil companies and preserving integral tax programs supporting clean energy and advanced manufacturing. Read more.

April 26 – Senate committee holds hearing on weatherizing the national grid
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on securing America’s electrical grid and transmission capabilities against severe weather threats. Read more.

April 26 – Transportation bill set to be conferenced
Having passed two very different transportation reauthorization bills, the Senate and House of Representatives scheduled the first meeting to hopefully combine the two into an effective, job-creating package. Read more.

April 26 – Senate committee passes new farm bill
The Senate Agriculture Committee passed the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, consolidating conservation programs and funding for rural energy and biomass programs. Read more.

April 25 – 2013 energy and water budget passed
The House Appropriations Committee approved the FY13 annual funding for the Department of Energy and other related agencies and programs.  The bill cuts funding for major clean energy programs and is $965 million below President Obama’s requested funding levels. Read more.

April 24 – Senate rejects anti-union Defense of American Workers Act
The Senate defeated a measure making unionizing efforts more difficult and overturning a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board.  Senate Democrats unanimously defeated the bill. Read more.

Administrative Updates

May 2 – New natural gas techniques unlock reserves in sea-beds and underground arctic
A joint effort between the U.S. and Japan has proved successful in recovering methane hydrate, a crystalline water structure capturing methane molecules, found in numerous geological formations around the world. Read more.

May 1 – EPA takes next steps in implementing 2008 ozone standards
The Environmental Protection Agency announced it was working to identify areas that do or do not meet standards for ground level ozone pollution, also known as smog. Areas identified in 2008 as below standard are almost all meeting the 75 parts per billion standard. Read more. As the 2012 summer smog season gets under way, check out these tools from the EPA on staying safe 

May 1 – EPA to monitor unregulated contaminants in water supply
The Environmental Protection Agency will partner with approximately 6,000 national public water systems to monitor contaminants not listed under the Safe Drinking Water Act between 2013 and 2015, identifying 28 chemicals and two viruses on which it will be collecting data. Read more.

Climate Corner

Rising sea levels and shrinking coastline mean drastic steps – lessons to be learned from Alaska
Climate change is inducing higher and higher sea levels, threating coastal communities.  For the inhabitants of Newtok, Alaska, that prospect has become a reality. Lacking government support for adaptation and relocation measures, the community organized its own relocation effort. This sort of displacement has been dubbed: “Climigration”.  Read more.