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Apr 13 12

The Green Jobs Source for Friday, April 13


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Boom or Bust? The American Wind Energy Association reported yesterday that U.S. wind power capacity grew 31 percent in 2011, but also warned the expiring Production Tax Credit for wind puts this growth at risk. Meanwhile, Pew Charitable Trusts reported that the United States bested China in clean energy investment in 2011, but risks losing that edge as China takes on long-term renewable energy targets and as the U.S. faces the expiration of that wind energy tax credit at the end of this year.

The Impact Continues in the Gulf. Experts are weighing in on the lasting effects of the leaked crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon explosion and resulting oil spill. They warn of the lasting impacts on a range of sea life, from “tiny animal plankton to dolphins.”

Reducing Energy Use at Work. A new report from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the Department of Energy shows that commercial buildings could reduce energy use by 60 percent by adopting technologies that make their heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems more efficient.

National and International Blue-Green

The oil sheen seen off in the Gulf Coast by Louisiana is dissipating, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. The source, however, is still unknown.

CleanTechnica says the global market for distributed solar energy generation will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent until 2015, and revenue will increase to more than $154 billion.

The Guardian looks at the question of whether the United Kingdom’s “Green Deal” will help homeowners cut their energy bills.

According to USA Today, the drought — which is intensifying throughout the Southwest, upper Midwest, Southeast and the East Coast — is leaving America dryer than it has been for almost five years.

To the States

California’s State Rail Agency has approved plans to build a Bullet Train. The Los Angeles Times has more about the plan, which will now go to the Legislature for approval.

The Charleston Gazette says federal prosecutors are investing whether U.S. Department of Labor inspectors informed Massey Energy officials about planned inspections at the Upper Big Branch Mine.

The Maine Senate Thursday approved legislation lifting the 100-megawatt cap for qualifying renewable power generation for hydropower, the Bangor Daily News reports.

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