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Dec 7 12

The Green Jobs Source for Friday, December 7

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Four-Year Low. Approximately 146,000 new jobs were added in the U.S. in November, bringing our unemployment to a four-year low.

Drought Continues. Despite dipping temperatures, more than 62 percent of the continental United States is still experiencing "moderate to exceptional" drought conditions.

Rebuilding NYC. Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday told reporters New York City rebuild “smarter and stronger and more sustainably.” As part of the rebuilding efforts, the city will revisit its building codes and zoning requirements with the impacts of climate change in mind.


Today’s a busy day at the BlueGreen Alliance as we work on pushing Congress to pass the Production Tax Credit for wind energy. Coverage of the issue includes:

National and International Blue-Green

Today is the final day of the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations in Doha. The Guardian is covering the talks live.

typhoon in the Philippines killed 500 and left more than 310,000 people without homes, according to the Associated Press.

Former Vice President Al Gore recently pushed for climate change during his speech to the New York League of Conservation Voters. Reuters has more.

Bloomberg says several European energy companies are expressing interest in participating in U.S.offshore wind operations.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talked about the President’s high-speed rail plans at a speech in Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Biomass Magazine talks about the new Economic Policy Institute paper the BlueGreen Alliancereleased earlier this week about how cuts in federal clean technology investment results in job cuts.

A GOP House Energy and Commerce staffer expects work to be done on a bipartisan energy efficiency bill next session.

The Senate passed legislation easing federal energy efficiency rules on coolers, water heaters and other applicants. The Hill has more on the bill that is now going to the President’s desk.

To the States says a new solar panel will help the city of Saginaw, Michigan save $300,000 a year on energy.

Sun Sentinel looks at Broward County, Florida’s efforts to simplify the permitting process for rooftop solar panels.

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