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Feb 8 13

The Green Jobs Source for Friday, February 8

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The plan – The EPA is unveiling its efforts to fight climate change today. The plan will guide the agency’s response to our changing climate. (The Hill)

Cutting carbon pollution – Utilities are preparing for EPA carbon pollution rules — which currently only are in effect for newly constructed power plants — to be broadened to existing plants. (E&E News)

Climate-minded – Federal agencies have released their third annual sustainability plans and, for the first time, they include steps to adapt to climate change(BNA)

The quest to replace sequester – Senate Democrats may be struggling to come up with a replacement for the sequester— the mechanism which would automatically cut spending $85 billion in some key areas and could dramatically hurt our economy. (The Hill)

America is waking up – A new poll finds that 84 percent of Americans say that climate change is definitely or probably occurring, and 64 percent of those polled want to take action to address it through regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. (USA Today)

Cost of inaction - Rising sea levels, extreme weather and other climate impacts mean huge costs to families, businesses and taxpayers(National Journal)

Transit saving us – The Texas Transportation Institute says that public transit reduced road delays by 865 million hours in 2011 and helped avoid burning 450 million gallons of fuel. (Clean Technica) 

Challenging the grid – Regulators and electric industry officials gathered earlier this week to talk about the challenges facing the U.S. power grid(SNL)

Zips go solar – The University of Akron — whose sports teams are nicknamed the Zips — is installing solar panels on the roof of their athletic field house and a recreation and wellness center.

Clean water – We’re in a critical moment to harness green infrastructure to keep our water clean and reduce waste and we can’t waste this critical moment. (Green Biz)


Politico: The Renewable Fuel Standard works

New York Times: States’ Group Calls for 45% Cut in Amount of Carbon Emissions Allowed

Christian Science Monitor: USPS ends Saturday letter delivery. How much fuel will it save?

Slate: Could Climate Change Be Al-Qaida’s Best Friend in Africa? 

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