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Jan 11 13

The Green Jobs Source for Friday, January 11

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Special Delivery. A new quarterly survey by the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation found manufacturers are increasing their shipments and investments in the United States. Among the survey’s interesting results, they found 17 percent of companies that had previously sent jobs overseas are bringing some of those positions back home.

Hanging the Help Wanted Sign. The number of job openings in the United States rose to the highest level in five months. In total, there were 3.68 million job openings in November, an increase of 11,000 according to the Labor Department.

Going First. A number of local governments have decided they can’t wait for the federal government, and they are moving forward on their own to prepare for climate change. According to ICLEI USA, 59 percent of local governments are taking steps to adapt to hotter temperatures, more intense storms and higher sea levels. 

National and International Blue-Green

The New York Times takes a look to see what extreme weather is happening around the globe. The paper also has an article about wildfires in Australia that are being fueled by record heat.

A headline in The Guardian declares, “Drought-damaged states face poor outlook as dry weather persists.”

GOP amendments are complicating the passage of the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, Politico reports.

The World Economic Forum yesterday issued a report calling climate change “one of the world’s biggest business threats.” Bloomberg also has an article talking about why theWorld Bank is increasing its efforts on climate change.

The wind industry is “eagerly waiting for federal tax experts to give detailed guidance” following the one-year renewal of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy, according to Politico.

Senator Barbara Boxer has added a staffer focusing specifically on climate change to her committee staff, The Hill reports.

To the States

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to use $1 billion to create a Green Bank. Environmental News Service has more about the proposal that Cuomo said would position New York as “the progressive capital of the nation.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes a look at how the Port of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is reducing its utility bills with wind energy.

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