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Nov 2 12

The Green Jobs Source for Friday, November 2

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Good Numbers. The Labor Department today announced 171,000 jobs were added in the United States during the last month, and the Institute for Supply Management’s factory index rose to 51.7 in October, showing U.S. manufacturing is expanding at a faster than expected pace.

Vestas Closing Up R&D After All. Vestas Wind Systems announced it has decided to shut down all of its research and development (R&D) facilities in the United States rather than consolidate them to Colorado as previously announced. In a statement, U.S. Senator Mark Udall said, “These layoffs are symptomatic of larger problems in Washington, where even bipartisan bills get politicized and stymied. The opponents of extending the [Production Tax Credit] are treating our energy security — and ultimately our national security — as a political football.”

National and International Blue-Green

The New York Times says, “In a surprise announcement, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said Thursday that Hurricane Sandy had reshaped his thinking about the presidential campaign and that as a result, he was endorsing President Obama.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg also identified the restoration of electric power and full public transportation services as the two “paramount tasks” for recovery from Sandy. Politico has more.

According to the New York Times, American auto sales were strong until Hurricane Sandy caused hundreds of dealership to close.

The Washington Post talked to several experts that are urging several agencies, like the Federal Emergency Management Administration, to “rethink the way the government evaluates the risk of floods.”

To the States

A new poll showed support for California Proposition 32, the measure that would prohibit union members from making payroll deductions to their union’s political activities, has dropped to 34 percent. KPCC has more.

The Post News Group attended a rally where several East Bay faith leaders joined together in support of California Proposition 39, the ballot measure that would use funds generated from closing a business tax loop to build clean energy projects and protect essential services in the state.

Several Michigan Congressional members urged Governor Rick Snyder to “condemn ‘false and misleading’ ads on TV opposition Proposition 2, which would enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution,” the Detroit News reports.

The Muskegon NAACP held a panel discussion in support for passing Michigan Proposal 3’s goal to increase the state’s renewable energy goal to 25 percent by 25. quotes Michigan State Conference NAACP President Yvonne White as stating the measure should be added to the state constitution “because of the health impact that has on communities of color. When you don’t have people doing things you want them to do, the only answer is through the ballot box.”

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