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Mar 30 12

The Green Jobs Source for March 30


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Transportation bill extended another 90 days. The Senate cleared a House-passed 90-day extension of the surface transportation bill. The Senate had passed a two-year version, however House leadership did not bring it forward to a full vote, instead passing yet another extension to a bill that expired in 2009.

Offshore wind on the Great Lakes gets a push. The Obama administration and five states bordering the Great Lakes reached an agreement to speed up approval offshore wind farms. State and federal agencies will craft a blueprint for accelerating regulatory reviews, without sacrificing safety or environmental standards, according to the administration.

Guilty plea in Upper Big Branch superintendent case. The former superintendent of the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia — where 29 workers were killed during an explosion two years ago — pled guilty to a federal fraud charge for manipulating the mine ventilation system during inspections to fool safety officials.

National and International Blue-Green

The House passed Representatives Paul Ryan’s budget plan by a 228-191 vote. The Hill has more.

The Huffington Post reports the Federal Drug Administration is expected to decide whether to allow bisphenol-A (BPA) in food and beverage containers by this Saturday.

E&E News looks at why several professional sports teams are betting on renewable energy.

The Vice President of the European commission urged small business to do more on energy efficiency. The Guardian has more.

Reuters reports on two new clean-tech IPOs, reporting that the financial sector is betting on high energy prices and new technologies.

The New York Times reports on auto employees who are immersed in green technologies at work and at home.

To the States

MinnPost looks at why right-to-work legislation is not moving in Minnesota.

Michigan ranks twelfth in green jobs, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The Boston Globe reports the Massachusetts Senate considered amendments to a bill on Thursday that aims to control energy costs while also promoting the growth of renewable energy sources in the state.

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