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Apr 30 12

The Green Jobs Source for Monday, April 30


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Pushback Picks Up.  EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson disputed attacks on cleaner energy on Friday. She stated, “The fact is we can’t create an economy that is built to last by putting our nation into a race to the bottom, a race for the weakest health protections and the most loopholes in our environmental laws.”

Small Businesses Get It. A recent poll of small business owners in six states found 71 percent believe “government has a role in driving toward a cleaner, more competitive economy.”

Keeping Recycling Going. An article on Forbes makes note of the BlueGreen Alliance’s report that increasing America’s recycling rate could create 1.5 million jobs while considering how corporate America can “save recycling.”

National and International Blue-Green

A release from the UN News Centre declares,” The transition to a green economy must include better safety standards for workers.”

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker awarded Americans for Prosperity’s green jobs advertisement a grade of four out of four Pinocchio’s, stating “there is no excuse for these kinds of ads, which take facts out of context or simply invent them. These groups should be especially ashamed, given that these claims have been previously debunked, or, in the case of the erroneous ABC report, withdrawn.”

E&E News looks at Glenn Paulson, the Environmental Protection Agency’s new Science Adviser.

California Watch reports researchers from Universities of Washington and Delaware and the Sea Education Association have stated they believe scientists have likely underestimated the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean.

FuelFix has an interview with Exxon Mobile’s President Neil Duffin about the safety of offshore drilling jobs.

Jamaica’s primary schools may begin teaching students about climate change next fall, the Jamaica Observer reports.

To the States

Forbes reports legislation to help Californians make energy upgrades has cleared several key hurdles.

The Huffington Post has an editorial by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarigosa about transit’s growth in Los Angeles.

Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber signed an executive order encouraging the development of Oregon’s green chemistry industry. The Portland Business Journal and OPB News have more.

The Detroit Free Press says Michigan’s Clean Energy Coalition is having a an impact across the state.

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