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Dec 10 12

The Green Jobs Source for Monday, December 10

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What Next? The United Nations Climate Change negotiations in Doha concluded Saturday with an agreement to extend the Kyoto Protocol. BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster released a statement saying, “While progress has been made on a number of issues over the last two weeks in Doha, there’s much more work to do both at home and abroad to meet the goals we’ve set for COP 18 and to reach a global treaty in 2015.”

Governors to Focus on Climate Change. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, the new chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, last week promised to have a “laser focus” on the issue of climate change. He told the media, “There isn’t a Democratic governor who doesn’t understand climate change is the challenge we must focus on… We are all advocating for growing renewables and assuring that we make more progress so that we’re passing a planet to our kids and grandkids that’s sustainable.”


Coverage of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy from across the country includes:

National and International Blue-Green

USA Today says 2012 is on track to be the warmest year in U.S. history.

The Los Angeles Times reports President Obama will “likely keep walking the middle line” on environmental issues.

The Obama administration is pushing ahead on its high-speed rail plan, according to the Washington Post.

To the States

Protests are expected today in Michigan over right-to-work legislation being considered by the state's legislature. The Detroit Free Press has more.

The Environmental Protection Agency recognized several Michigan GM plants for voluntarily reducing their energy use.

The Star Tribune explains the “business case” for using more transit dollars in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

The Columbus Dispatch has an interview with Parwinder Grewal, the director of the Ohio State University Center for Urban Environment and Economic Development, about why be believes green energy is plus in Ohio.

The Duluth News Tribune talks about the Duluth Local Energy Action Plan and how it will change theMinnesota city’s lights.

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