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Feb 25 13

The Green Jobs Source for Monday, February 25

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We’ll be back - The Green Jobs Source will be taking a break for the week after today. We’ll be back again on Monday, March 4.


Repeal it – A Michigan lawmaker is looking to repeal the state’s contentious right-to-work law, passed late last year. (Associated Press)

Cutting deep – The upcoming sequester can be averted, and White House officials are laying out the repercussions of the drastic, untargeted cuts to vital parts of our government. As Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood explained, “We’re sending up a warning flare, not to scare anybody, just so people understand there are consequences to the sequester…” (The Hill)

On trial – The trial to assign blame for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill — the event that claimed 11 lives and sent millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico — is starting today. (Houston Chronicle)

Getting into the game – Wind developers are looking to add solar projects to their portfolios(Midwest Energy News)

Searching for answers - Scientists are looking at links between environmental exposures that occur early in womens' lives and the development of breast cancer later on(Environmental Health News)

Hot work – A new study finds that climate change — and the hotter, wetter climate it brings with it — is reducing the amount of work people can do in the worst heat by about 10 percent over the past six decades. (Reuters)

Climate causing worries – A new poll shows that two-thirds of California voters believe climate change is a threat and that steps need to be taken to address it. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Layoffs – Wind turbine-maker Vestas has announced they are laying off 10 percent of their workers in Colorado. (The Coloradoan)

Greening D.C. – Here’s a look at some of the work being done by leaders in Washington, D.C. to green the city(Washington Post)

Promoting clean energy – State and local officials in Massachusetts have announced a pilot program to help communities pursue clean energy initiatives through grants and technical assistance.


The Hill: Coastal governors unite in push for offshore revenue-sharing bill

Politico: Virginia Senate vote passes $880 million highway reform

Politico: Sierra Club goes bolder in climate fight

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