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Jan 14 13

The Green Jobs Source for Monday, January 14

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“Unambiguous Evidence.” A draft of the third National Climate Assessment was released on Friday, and it stated there is “unambiguous evidence” that the earth is warming and that this warming is caused by human activity. As Todd Sanford, a scientist from the Union of Concerned Scientists (a member of the BlueGreen Alliance), told the Hill, “This could help restart a national conversation about climate change.  It gives us a road map for climate change. And the road is much bumpier if we continue along a higher emissions pathway.”

Less Great, Great Lakes. Dry conditions are causing water levels in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to drop to record low levels. Not just a problem for those who appreciate their lakefront views, these low levels could have significant impact on local economies by making shipping and commercial fishing more difficult along with discouraging tourism.

National and International Blue-Green

A new study, covered by Reuters, found “The world could avoid much of the damaging effects of climate change this century if greenhouse gas emissions are curbed more sharply.”

A new global assessment found clean energy investment dropped 11 percent last year worldwide “after governments in industrial nations slashed subsidies,” according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

New research is predicting heat waves are going to make the global food crisis worse, according to the Guardian.

E&E News looks at how the wind industry is turning to technology to overcome “start-stop hurdles.”

To the States

The Seattle Times says the Seattle Public Utilities is considering how global warming could cause floodingin the city.

A column in the Duluth News Tribune talks about how global warming could hurt northern Minnesota’s Taconite industry.

Los Angeles customers will have the option to sell excess solar energy to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The Los Angeles Times has more.

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