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Mar 12 12

The Green Jobs Source for Monday, March 12

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Administration touts successes in energy securityThe White House is touting their efforts on energy security in a progress report released today. Last year, there was a 1 million barrel per day reduction in net oil imports.

Gas price skyrocketing. Gas prices in the U.S. continue to rise. The national average over the weekend rose to $3.80, as tensions with Iran and other factors continue to move prices higher.

Ice on the decline on Great Lakes. Ice on the Great Lakes has declined an average of 71 percent over the past 40 years. The American Meteorological Society says the amount of the decline varies from year to year and lake to lake.

National and International Blue-Green

AFP reports that the United Nations says that a water crunch is looming without action on waste.

NPR looks at how wind and solar impact the nation’s power grid.

Greenland’s ice sheet could be completely melted by lower global temperatures than previously thought. Reuters has more.

The Hill reports energy analysis say federal policymakers have few options to lower gas prices in the short-term.

TIME Magazine talks about a Relay Rides, a car sharing program in New York City.

According to the New York Times, “Gas Price Disparity Seems Here to Stay.”

To the States was at the Wisconsin Capitol this weekend where thousands rallied to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the passage of legislation curtailing collective bargaining rights for public employees.

According to the Star Tribune, “Union members turned out in force” today for the first hearing of Minnesota’s proposed right-to-work legislation.

Legislation increasing the availability of net-metering advanced in the Massachusetts legislature. The Marlborough Enterprise has more.

The Solar Friendly Communities Initiative is streamlining the process Colorado residents must go through to install solar power, EarthTechling reports.

An editorial in The Tennessean says the Federal Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit “boosts jobs at low cost.”

The Florida legislature passed a measure to expand renewable energy production tax credits and allow local governments to use discretionary sales tax revenue to assist homeowners who make energy efficiency improvements. See the Sunshine State News for more.

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