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May 14 12

The Green Jobs Source for Monday, May 14

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“One Big Pothole.” While the Congressional Transportation Committee continues negotiations, Politico reminds us that there is currently “no realistic long-term fix waiting in the wings” for America’s overall aging transportation infrastructure. As Rob MucCulloch, Senior Policy and Legislative Advocate for the BlueGreen Alliance, recently noted on the BlueGreen Alliance’s blog, “the transportation bill conference is an immense opportunity to bolster the backbone” of America’s transportation infrastructure while also creating a “multitudes of jobs.”

Americans support clean energy. A study published in the Nature Climate Change journal, found “the average United States citizen was willing to pay $162 a year more to support a national policy requiring 80 percent 'clean' energy by 2035.”

Looking at Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga County, OH is creating jobs while also saving energy.

National and International Blue-Green

Following a Chicago Tribune four-part series on the health risks related to fire retardants (onetwothree and four), Senator Dick Durbin said he is demanding answers about the risks.

The Guardian looks at a University of Western Sydney’s Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment study that is attempting “to simulate how the environment would cope with runaway climate change.”

Reuters looks at how a political shift will make or break the Rio+20 summit.

Reuters examines Mexico’s “wind energy boom.”

Politico looks at the “competing visions” for America’s high-speed rail system.

The BBC News says the “UN climate talks have opened in Germany, with the EU struggling to keep its position of a global leader.”

In an editorial in The Root, Jacqui Patterson, the director of NAACP’s Environmental and Climate Justice programs says the organization “has decided to shape the emerging clean economy by engaging in it.”

To the States

Public News Service reports several Pennsylvania environmental groups are “hoping Congress sees clean energy benefits.”

According to E&E News, “The Obama administration… warned California to accelerate action on its high-speed rail project, which has collected more than $3 billion in federal money but hasn't moved forward.”

The Boston Globe reports Newton, MA is “poised to become the first municipality in the state to buy all of its electricity from renewable sources.”

Hawaii’s biggest clean energy contract is generating interest from “as many as 200 companies,” the Honolulu Civil Beat reports.

Inside Climate News reports legislation to “abolish sustainability efforts” died last week in Arizona.

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