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May 7 12

The Green Jobs Source for Monday, May 7


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ACTION: A call to renew the Production Tax Credit.  A New York Times Editorial focuses on the success of clean energy tax credits during the recession and discusses the need to renew them to continue America's move to cleaner energy made here in the U.S. Take a moment to write a letter to Congresssupporting the renewal of the Production Tax Credit and other job-creating clean energy tax credits.

Agreeing Action's Needed. A new study found that 72 percent of Americans — including 84 percent of Democrats, 68 percent of independents and 52 percent of Republicans — think “global warming should be a very high or medium or a priority for the president and the Congress.”

Green Transportation JobsAn editorial on Huffington Post says, “The United States should be part of a global move toward interconnected, seamless transportation that, in addition to creating jobs locally, reduces the threat of global climate change, enhances trade and improves the health and livability of our rapidly urbanizing world while making sure we don't leave less populated areas behind.

National and International Blue-Green

According to CNNMoney, small- and mid-sized manufacturers are reporting “lack of capital to grow” as their biggest challenge.

EarthTechling says Vestas has installed 50 gigawatts of wind energy globally.

EarthTechling reports Intel, Kohl’s and Microsoft topped the Environmental Protection Agency’s yearly list of Top 50 Green-Powered Organizations.

In its coverage that the transportation sector lost 17,000 jobs in April, Politico’s Morning Transportation mentions BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster’s reaction.

The New York Times reports a climate change denying group pulled its electronic billboard campaign that compared individuals who believe in climate change to terrorists.

To the States

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports Michigan’s Renewable Energy Standard campaign is bringing together Democrats and Republicans in the state.

Vermont passed its final energy bill last week after a renewable energy portfolio standard was removed, reports.

CleanTechnica reports Main Street Power, Clean Power Finance and a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley are partnering to fiancé $300 million of residential solar power leases in Arizona and California.

Blue-Green Links

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