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Jan 3 13

The Green Jobs Source for Thursday, January 3

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Your Price Tag’s Showing. A new study published by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria found it will be “far more costly” to halt climate change if we wait until 2020 compared to if action is taken today (in related news, read the letter we sent to President Obama urging for a national dialogue and action on climate change).

About Time. The House finally scheduled a vote on legislation giving those hurt by Hurricane Sandy money to rebuild their communities, homes and transportation systems. We think it’s about time! As we stated in a blog yesterday, “Our patience with partisan bickering is wearing thin, especially wherever there is human suffering. Rebuilding communities is the immediate need we must meet, but federal aid will also stimulate local economies and create necessary jobs along the way.”

Enery Consumption Slowing. New numbers from the Energy Information Administration show America’s energy use is expected to only rise 0.6 percent a year for industrial users and 0.7 percent for households by 2040. 

National and International Blue-Green

The Associated Press talked to several climatologists who believe “it will take an absurd amount of snow to ease the woes of farmers and ranchers” caused by the drought.

Construction spending fell in November for the first time since April, USA Today reports.

Forbes states worldwide electric vehicle sales should reach 3.8 million annually by 2020.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform added a energy subcommittee, according to the Hill.

To the States

The Aspen Daily News reports officials in Aspen, Colorado, want input on the city’s renewable energy plans.

An editorial in the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle states several schools in New Mexico should lead in the state’s renewable energy efforts.

The Atlantic asks “Will Climate Change Alter the Geography of New York's Public Housing?”

Ken Fletcher is leaving his post as the energy policy director for Maine’s Governor.

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