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Nov 8 12

The Green Jobs Source for Thursday, November 8

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New Team Heads? Now that we know who will be in the White House, attention is being turned to the Cabinet and whether Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will stay on for a second term.

Congressional Shuffle. There will also be changes coming in the House. Currently the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Oversight and Investigations subcommittee is open, and there is speculation that other chairs want new positions.

Lame Duck Activity. The work of the sitting Congress is not done, however. There are major issues that need to be addressed before the end of the year including renewing Production Tax Credit and Advanced Energy Project Credit (48C), approving the Investment Tax Credit for offshore wind projects and taking immediate action to avert the impending deep cuts to discretionary spending. In a statement earlier this week, BlueGreen Alliance Dave Foster urged, “[With the election results] the American people have show that once again, they want to build on the progress we’ve already made. Lets get to work.” 

National and International Blue-Green

The Washington Post stated the electoral results “ensures that the federal government will press ahead with efforts to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency and to curb greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change.”

The Hill also says President Obama’s reelection “is likely to ensure efforts to privatize Amtrak service and cut transportation funding will be unsuccessful.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told the Hill he hopes Congress will address climate change.

Bloomberg BNA looks at the difference of opinion regarding OSHA’s responsibility in protecting workers as they cleanup from Hurricane Sandy.

To the States

MPR looks at the hundreds of layoffs happening in the Midwest due to Congress’s delay in renewing the Production Tax Credit.

An article on says there is strong support for collective bargaining in Michigan despite the defeat of Proposition 2.

Sacramento, California earned the number four spot in the U.S Metro Clean Tech Index, according to the News Review.

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