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Jan 8 13

The Green Jobs Source for Tuesday, January 8

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This is The Source for Tuesday, January 8, 2013, green jobs news every day from the BlueGreen Alliance. Don’t forget to “tell your friends” about this great resource. You can sign up here.


Guess Who? Speculation is continuing about who will be selected to lead the Energy Department and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). At this point we know Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe will be replacing Lisa Jackson, at least temporarily, as the head of the EPA when she steps down.

Old Pipes + Cold Weather = A Big Mess. The dangers of America’s aging water infrastructure were on full display in Minnesota recently when two underground water mains broke and released millions of gallons of water onto city streets in Minneapolis and Duluth. The BlueGreen Alliance recently released a policy statement about how America can create jobs and protect our environment by updating our water infrastructure, read it here.

Taking To the Rails. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood visited California yesterday to sign over $135 million that will be used to extend Sacrement's Blue Light Rail line 4.3 miles.

National and International Blue-Green

Uruguay wants to have 90 percent renewable electricity by 2015, according to CleanTechnica.

E&E News has a couple of pieces discussing the reaction to selection of Chuck Hagel to be secretary of Defense.

Bloomberg BNA has the Environmental Protection Agency’s Draft Assessment about three potential harmful chemicals.

The Guardian reports electric car sales increased in 2012.

CNN says “plastic micro beads” are being removed from soaps.

To the States

Wisconsin Radio Network is reporting Wisconsin’s Assembly Speaker told reporters “right to work is not going to come up this session."

We Are Michigan is planning to hold a “walk of shame” Wednesday to protest the passage of the state’s right to work measure, according to

Vestas Wind Systems is cutting its workweek at three of its Colorado manufacturing facilities.

The Grand Forks Herald talked to officials in North Dakota who are hopeful the extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy on the federal level will save jobs in the state.

The Hartford Business Journal recently talked Byran Garcia, the president and chief executive of the newly renamed Connecticut’s Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority, about the funding of clean energy projects.

When getting sworn in, the Arizona Corporation Commission’s new chair stated he refuses “to bet on, or cheerlead” solar energy over other technologies.

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