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Mar 18 14

The Green Jobs Source for Tuesday, March 18

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Join the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) for their National Renewable Energy Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. on March 27 and 28. Speakers at the event will include: Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz; EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy; U.S. Senators Mazie Hirono from Hawaii and Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island; and many other elected, business, and non-profit leaders. Get more information and register here.


TPP – An opinion piece takes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—a proposed trade agreement between the U.S. and countries on the Pacific Rim—to task for its economic and environmental inequity. (New York Times)

Banking on a good idea – More and more states are looking at the concept of “Green Banks” to leverage private investment in clean technology. (The Energy Collective)

“Abrupt, unpredictable and potentially irreversible” – That’s the kind of change the American Association for the Advancement of Scientists said we face as our climate changes. They urged action to address our warming planet now. (The Guardian)

Ignoring it won’t make it go away – North Carolina’s Division of Air Quality has removed information about climate change from the front page of their website, following the lead of other state agencies in the state. (Greensboro News-Record)

Polling – A new Gallup poll says that 42 percent of American’s believe news reports exaggerate the seriousness of climate change. (The Hill)

Biggest in Kansas – A solar energy array recently announced by a cooperative in Kansas will be the state’s largest. (Hays Post)

Benefits – Two recent studies have show vastly different benefits to clean energy. First, a study by PJM Interconnection reported that renewable energy will have little impact on the reliability of the U.S. electrical grid. Second, new research shows that offshore wind turbines could dampen hurricane winds in coastal areas. (Liberty Voice)

At the movies – The 2014 Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C. that begins today will be powered by 100 percent wind power. (North American Wind Power)

A good reminder – A letter to the editor points out that colder temperatures in some areas doesn’t disprove climate change. (Delaware Online)

Chicken – Members of Congress are urging the USDA to not speed up poultry lines in poultry processing plants due to public health and worker safety concerns. (Huffington Post)


PBS Newshour: Report finds chemical cleanup leaves hazardous ‘toxic trail’ across U.S.

The Hill: White House to host event on climate change resilience

New York Times: Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate

Los Angeles Times: Smothered by smog, Paris bans some cars; measure lifted late in day

Environmental Health News: Opinion: Who's really in charge at EPA?

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