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Nov 27 12

The Green Jobs Source for Tuesday, November 27

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Calling for U.S. Leadership. As the United Nations climate talks kicked off in Doha, Quatar, the BlueGreen Alliance sent a letter to Todd Stern, the State Department’s top negotiator, stating, “This year stands as a pivotal point in establishing the roadmap for the years ahead. Now, more than ever, we need the United States to assume a leadership role if the world is to sufficiently take on the global climate change challenge.”

Splitting on the Cliff. Back at home, the country is still waiting to see how Congress will address the pending " fiscal cliff." In the latest development, The Hill is reporting “Senate and House Republicans are headed in different directions.”

Permafrost Melt.  The U.N. Environment Programme released a report stating the permafrost lands are beginning to thaw, an issue that will greatly impact the future temperature of the globe.

National and International Blue-Green

New totals show developing countries received $8 billion in aid for large-scale renewable energy and clean fuel production projects from developed countries. Bloomberg reports that even though this investment is 35 percent higher than last year, it is “fraction of the aid… rich countries promised to make by 2020 to help emerging nations adapt to the effects of climate change."

Renewable Energy World says the solar industry may soon “face a shortage of skilled labor.”

The Guardian examines what Germany has done to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions since 2010.

The Hill talks to American Wind Energy Association’s Denise Bode.

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at the Environmental Protection Agency’s new water quality guidelines for beaches.

The Boston Globe takes a look at how climate change could affect the ski industry, and AFP says climate change is also threatening the French truffle.

The Washington WonkBlog has, what it calls, the “rise and fall of the U.S. wind industry in one chart.”

To the States

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday held a press conference asking for federal aid to help with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

The New York Times says the drought of 2012 is hitting barge traffic on the Mississippi River.

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