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Dec 19 12

The Green Jobs Source for Wednesday, December 19

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Time for a Change. BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster yesterday sent a letter urging senators to take action to reform the use of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. According to Foster, “Once employed sparingly in exceptional instances of intense opposition, filibustering has now become common practice at the expense of vital issues such as the Employee Free Choice Act and Climate Change. In place of bipartisanship, collegiality and compromise, we now have rampant obstruction. This must come to an end."

Shrinkage Ahead. Vestas Wind Systems recently announced it believes the U.S. wind market will contract 80 percent in 2013. Time is running out for Congress to take action and renew the Production Tax Credit that supports hundreds of thousands of wind workers — including thousands in Missouri — before it runs out at the end of the year.


Additional coverage of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy includes:

National and International Blue-Green

Officials in Britain has a five-year plan to spur the use of solar and biomass energy, according to Reuters. 

The Associated Press reports officials still haven't figured out the "source of a persistent sheen on the Gulf of Mexico."

Senators will be having a weekly “Climate Change Clearinghouse” open forum next year. The events — which are open to Senate Democrats and interested Republicans — is being co-chaired by Senator Barbara Boxer, according to the Hill.

The AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department yesterday released a statement praising Hawaii Senator Daniel Inoye for his work on transportation issues.  The Hill has the following quote, “For more than five decades transportation workers could count on Sen. Inouye to defend their jobs and rights.” 

To the States

A new poll, reported by the Detroit Free Press, found Governor Rick Syder’s support taken a hit after he signed legislation making Michigan a right-to-work state.

The Capital Public Radio discusses the controversy with California’s Green Chemistry regulations.

An editorial in the Chicago Tribune looks at the questions around the “smart-grid bill” in Ohio and declares it’s “time to build a modern power system, smart meters and all.”

The Statesman Journal reports Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is releasing his ten-year energy plan today.

Napoleon, Ohio has been named “America’s Number One Solar Small Town,” the Toledo Blade reports.

The Montgomery Advertiser says one Alabama senator wants the state’s constitution to include right-to-work.

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