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Feb 13 13

The Green Jobs Source for Wednesday, February 13

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Fired up! – President Obama put climate change in a prominent spot in the State of the Union last night, offering full support for measures to fight it and create jobs as part of the solutions. The BlueGreen Alliance offered a statement of support after the speech. Executive Director David Foster said, “Congress should heed the president’s call for action on climate change. In a few weeks, our nation will once again face the choice of whether to invest in the priorities that will put people back to work and prepare our nation for the future. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to build a cleaner, stronger, and fairer America for the next generation.” (The Hill)

Getting back to building it here – The president’s speech also focused on manufacturing, highlighting the importance of the sector to our current and future economy. (Reuters)

Another item – The third leg of the stool in the president’s speech — so to speak — were efforts he wants the U.S. to undertake in regards to energy efficiency.

Taking action – A major bill to fight climate change is expected to be coming to the Senate soon. (The Nation)

Costly - Hurricane Sandy was the second costliest hurricane in U.S. history.

"Tonight at 11… DOOM!" - State legislatures that are dominated by anti-clean energy advocates may be dooming their states to fail in the global economy (Salon)

Regulation stimulating innovation – A new study shows that increased or improved chemical regulation would actually increase innovation in the chemicals industry(Forbes)

Heat keeps coming – Climate change is outpacing green investments, according to a new report. (Green Biz)

Female engineers represent – Female engineers are making gains in the auto traditionally male-dominated field,laying the groundwork for more femalesto enter the field in the future. (USA Today)

Fighting back – Underpaid recycling workers in Oakland, California are demanding better wages and a safe workplace.


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