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Feb 20 13

The Green Jobs Source for Wednesday, February 20

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Ramping up – The transportation bill that was passed last year is ramping up state and local spending on our transportation systems. Spending was up 56 percent from October 1 of last year to February 15 of this year, when compared to the same time period in 2011-2012. (Reuters)

Maybe not enough – While the transportation bill is fixing our infrastructure, the funding isn’t sufficient to get the job done, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are looking at new ways to generate revenue to keep up. (Politico)

Suit up – BP just paid $4 billion to settle criminal charges for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, but civil suits are moving forward with fines potentially equaling up to $17 billion. (Los Angeles Times)

Sequester will bite deep – Outgoing Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu warns that the upcoming sequester — dramatic, untargeted cuts to the federal budget set to take effect unless Congress acts — will decelerate the clean energy economy(Green Tech Media)

Color to die for? – British researchers report chemicals found in hair dyes used by millions of Britons can contain chemicals that are linked to cancer.(London Daily Mail)

Better than a toaster – Honda has a new deal for its automotive customers in lieu of special financing or rewards incentives: inexpensive home solar power systems(New York Times)

Going big on climate – Secretary of State John Kerry used his first major speech to argue for confronting climate change now. (The Hill)

Undermining green jobs – A columnist in Wisconsin takes Governor Walker to task for undermining green jobs at every turn. (The Cap Times)

Giving 100 percent – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released data showing that 100 percent of new electric capacity in January 2013was renewable. (Grist)

Making the Grade – The University of Iowa is adding a wind-energy certificate program(Daily Iowan)


The Hill: Unions hope US-EU trade talks can be lever to change labor laws

Forbes: Oracle 'Onshores' Manufacturing Jobs To Oregon

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