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Jan 16 13

The Green Jobs Source for Wednesday, January 16

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$50.7 Sandy Bill Passes House. Following our tele-press conference with labor and environmental leaders calling for the passage of a fully funded, forward-looking package to help the victims and communities affected by Hurricane Sandy rebuild, the House of Representatives passed a billdirecting $50.7 billion of emergency aid to the East Coast. Now to the next step, how do we keep this destruction from happening again as we continue moving to a future shaped by climate change?

“United States Core Interest.” State Department Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern gave a speech yesterday where he said creating an international greenhouse gas emissions accord is in the core interest of the United States.

Detroit Auto Show. The Detroit Auto Show is this week, and electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are taking central stage.

National and International Blue-Green

Ken Salazar announced he is not staying on for a second term as head of the Department of the Interior, according to the Denver Post.

A new poll released by the American Public Transportation Association found three-fourths of Americans support increased funding for public transit. The Hill has more.

TIME says the “warming and weather disruptions we’ve seen so far will just be the beginning” of what climate change will bring.

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at what may happen in the wind industry in 2013.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is still not saying if he plans to stay on for a second term, Politico reports.

The Washington Post Editorial Board wants a national carbon tax.

CleanTechnica reports the Middle East and North Africa is expected to have a 3.5 gigawatts solar energy capacity by 2015.

To the States

Solar electric installations tripled in northern Minnesota during 2012, Northland’s NewsCenter reports.

The New York Times says plans are moving forward for the development of a “transmission spine” foroffshore wind power in the southern Virginia to the New York City area.

The Warren Local School District in Ohio has saved $100,000 thanks to the installation of energy efficient lighting, according to the Marietta Times.

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