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Jan 2 13

The Green Jobs Source for Wednesday, January 2

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To the President. The Senate and House both passed a Fiscal Cliff measure yesterday. The legislation included a one-year extension and modification of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy and a similar extension of the Investment Tax Credit for offshore wind.

Thank You Lisa Jackson. Lisa P. Jackson announced she will soon step down as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster released a statement praising Administrator Jackson for her service. In part, it stated, “During her time at EPA, Administrator Jackson has always been a willing and sincere partner and a tireless advocate for a better, cleaner environment for everyone.”

Hurricane Aid Stuck.  It looks like this Congressional session may wrap up without passing a measure to help those hurt by Hurricane Sandy. 

National and International Blue-Green

Gas prices hit a record high in 2012, according to the Hill.

new survey, covered by CleanTechnica, found Americans support the use of renewable energy, alternative fuel vehicles and smart grid technology.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, “U.S. manufacturing likely expanded a bit in December after shrinking the previous month, a sign that factories are doing little to promote greater economic growth.”

The Environmental Protection Agency issued new air pollution standards for industrial boilers, incinerators and cement kilns last week, according to the New York Times. says energy lobbyists are preparing for a battle “over a potential corporate tax overhaul in 2013.”

The Nation selected the Amalgamated Transit Union, a member of the BlueGreen Alliance, as the “most valuable national union” in its “Progressive Honor Roll of 2012.”

To the States

Midwest Energy News takes a look at how efforts in several states to update building codes will lead to energy savings.

Want to buy wind power? The Associated Press says there is a 200-megawatt wind farm in northeast Nebraska looking for a buyer of its energy.

The Baltimore Sun covers organizations in Maryland that are working to reduce utility costs and hospital visits by making homes healthier.

Hawaii’s 21-megawatt Auwahi Wind Farm began operations, according to the Triple Pundit.

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