BlueGreen Alliance

Good Jobs, Clean Environment, Green Economy

United Auto Workers

“UAW members produce best-in-class cars and trucks, key vehicle components, and top quality heavy-duty trucks, and we know that we can rebuild the American auto industry by building cleaner, more efficient vehicles — and developing the technologies that will get us there. We have enormous opportunities to revitalize this industry, and the American economy, by embracing the clean energy economy of the future,” he said.

-- Bob King, President, United Auto Workers


The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) is one of the largest and most diverse unions in North America, with more than 390,000 active and 600,000 retired members in virtually every sector of the economy. UAW-represented workplaces range from multinational corporations, small manufacturers and state and local governments to colleges and universities, hospitals and private non-profit organizations.

UAW’s fight to create a 21st century economy with cleaner cars that create good jobs while reducing pollution brought them to the BlueGreen Alliance in August of 2010.

As demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles rises, UAW workers are benefiting with good jobs. From Michigan to Missouri, auto jobs are coming back online with the production of more fuel-efficient vehicles. The UAW believes that such demand will drive the auto industry for years to come and that raising fuel-efficiency standards, as the Obama administration did in 2009, is a key to building a stronger, more efficient and more competitive American economy.

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