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Utility Workers Union of America

“We are at a unique time in history where we have the opportunity to build a new, green energy future and create millions of good middle class jobs. We can shape our future and create a new industry.”

D. Michael Langford, National President, Utility Workers Union of America


The Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) is one of the most successful and progressive unions in the labor movement, with more than 50,000 members working in the electric, gas, water, and nuclear industries across the United States.

The UWUA is both innovative and relentless in its ability to protect utility jobs, and the wages, benefits and working conditions that its members enjoy. It is committed to a job well done and dedicated to improving the lives of UWUA members and their families.

With 50,000 members directly impacted by improvements to our nation’s electric, gas and water infrastructure, the UWUA is working for a secure energy future that protects consumers, respects workers' rights and creates good paying domestic jobs.

Representing the safest, most productive, highest skilled workers in the world, UWUA argues that Americans need not choose between environmental protection and good, domestic jobs. Instead, a robust energy sector with consumer protections, safeguards for current workers and a well-trained diverse workforce are essential to the nation’s energy policy.

To meet the needs of the 21st century economy, the U.S. must develop a modern, efficient power grid, smart grid, and other technologies developed and installed to increase efficiency in the transmission and distribution of electricity. UWUA’s efforts to train workers and implement green technologies are at the core of its mission to protect utility jobs and improve the well being of its members. These efforts also safeguard the environment and human health in communities across the country.

In addition, the UWUA advocates for the modernization of our electric, gas and water systems, for training and retooling our workforce to maintain the utilities of the future, maximizing existing technologies to increase efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions, developing promising technologies like wind, solar, biofuels and other renewable energies, and adopting government regulations that protect consumers, encourage energy conservation, and make investments in the workforce and infrastructure.

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