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Dec 10 2012

Governor Snyder Should Stand Up for Michigan’s Future and Reject Right-to-Work

Erin Bzymek, 202-706-6916,


LANSING, MI (December 10, 2012) Under threat of passage of a so-called “right-to-work” measure by the Michigan Legislature, the BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director David Foster: 

“Clearly extreme Republicans in the Michigan Legislature didn’t get the message of the last election — that people want lawmakers to focus on working together to rebuild the middle class and ensure there is opportunity for prosperity for all Americans. Instead, these legislators are focusing on a divisive agenda straight out of the far-right’s playbook. We urge Governor Snyder to veto this bill. 

“Right-to-work isn’t going to make the people of Michigan more prosperous or create jobs; it will simply undermine Michigan’s collaborative work place culture which has restored the U.S. auto industry to economic health. In right-to-work states, workers make an average $1,500 per year less and receive fewer benefits like health insurance and pensions

“The impetus for right-to-work legislation in Michigan is coming from the billionaire-backed Americans for Prosperity and the America Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the same groups who are seeking to repeal clean energy, job-creating measures in states all across the country.  In addition to supporting anti-union legislation, these two groups are seeking to repeal renewable energy standards and energy efficiency standards — policies that are driving growth, putting Americans back to work and making our country energy independent. 

“We urge Governor Snyder to join with all of us who believe in cooperation, not confrontation, by vetoing this bill.” 


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