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Apr 6 2011

Statement: President Visits Pennsylvania Wind Plant that Demonstrates Economic Revitalization with Clean Energy

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FAIRLESS HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA (April 6, 2011) After President Obama held a town hall meeting at the United Steelworkers-represented Gamesa wind turbine manufacturing facility in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, the BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director David Foster:

"President Obama's visit to the Fairless Hills Gamesa plant today demonstrates the potential of a 21st century industry to revitalize the economy and put people back to work while expanding the development of clean, renewable energy. A once-shuttered steel plant is now manufacturing wind turbines and employing hundreds of workers in Pennsylvania, many of them members of the United Steelworkers.

"After the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression, we are stuck with an unemployment problem that will take years to solve. We need a 21st century jobs plan focused on building the industries of the future in the United States - renewable energy, energy efficiency, broadband, smart grid, and transportation - and ensuring that those jobs are created right here at home.

"But if we don't act now, we risk falling further behind. China and Europe are already embracing the clean energy economy. Last year, China topped the list again for worldwide clean energy investments, and while the U.S. led the list until 2008, this year our nation dropped to third place.

"Building the industries of the future here in the United States will create jobs and revitalize our economy, and today the President is visiting a true demonstration of that vision. 


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