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Feb 6 2013

STATEMENT: 100 Days After Hurricane Sandy, Our Infrastructure is Still Vulnerable

Erin Bzymek, 202-706-6916,

WASHINGTON, DC (February 6, 2013) BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster and Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) President Mike Langford released the following statement on Congress’s lack of action in the 100 days since Hurricane Sandy. They called on Congress to strengthen and reinvest in our country’s infrastructure including flood protection, drinking water protection, transportation infrastructure, curbing carbon emissions, and more.

“Today marks 100 days since one of the most destructive storms in recent history. Since then, we’ve had to learn some difficult lessons about the terrible deficit in our nation’s infrastructure and millions of people vulnerable to it. Last month we called on Congress to lead a serious conversation about addressing our infrastructure preparedness in the face of the impacts of climate change. Though they have finally passed relief aid for victims, this larger discussion still hasn’t happened in Congress. Continuing on the path we’re on is reckless; infrastructure that is not ready for our changing climate endangers families, communities, and our economy.

“We’re still on a collision course with the next superstorm. Confronting the weaknesses in our infrastructure means reinforcing roads and rails, raising and rebuilding levees, expanding electric grid capacity and preparing for worse weather. Hurricane Sandy may now be in the past, but the work to rebuild continues and the need for a long-term solution is vital to our future. It’s time to act, Congress.”


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