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Nov 7 2012

STATEMENT: After Election, Let’s Get to Work on the Next Four Years

Erin Bzymek, 202-706-6916,


WASHINGTON, DC (November 6, 2012) Following election results called this evening in favor of the Obama-Biden ticket, BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster released the following statement encouraging the president and Congress to come together to renew our commitment to putting the economy back on track: 

“The re-election of President Obama and Vice President Biden is an affirmation of the role of government in charting America’s clean economy future. The voters have said, “Yes,” to the President’s clean energy strategy. And they have also said ‘Yes’ to his support for a modern, fuel efficient auto industry and strong investments in America’s workers.  

“After thirty-two consecutive months of private sector job growth, the President has a proven track record of putting Americans back to work, but we can’t let up on the economic policies that will continue to build our clean energy future and fuel the economic recovery for years to come. 

“Congress should now work with this Administration to pass the balance of the President’s jobs plan.  Among the top priorities are renewing the Production Tax Credit (PTC) and the Advanced Energy Project Credit (48C) and approving the Investment Tax Credit for offshore wind projects. These measures will immediately create more jobs and stop the layoffs in the wind energy industry. 

“Congress must also join with the President in averting the impending deep cuts in discretionary spending that will hinder our ability to innovate and sustain long-term growth.   We cannot cut our way to prosperity. 

“This election has concluded in the wake of Hurricane Sandy-- a tragic reminder that we must do more to address climate change --.  We strongly encourage the President to seize this moment to lead the American people in a national effort to reduce our carbon emissions while creating millions of new clean economy jobs. 

“The American people have shown that once again, they want to build on the progress we’ve already made. Let’s get to work!”


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