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Feb 1 2013

STATEMENT: Solve Climate Change, Renew Economic Recovery

Erin Bzymek, 202-706-6916,


WASHINGTON, DC (February 1, 2013) Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the January unemployment numbers, showing the economy gained 157,000 jobs and the unemployment rate increased slightly at 7.9 percent. The following is a statement from BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster:

“Month-by-month, we’re working to sustain an economic recovery that supports more and more good jobs in a cleaner, stronger economy. Programs like the Production Tax Credit for wind power and the 48C Advanced Energy Project Credit for manufacturing have helped to get us there.      

“Of particular note last month was the construction sector — which grew by 28,000 jobs — and the manufacturing sector, which stagnated recently after seeing a long period of growth of the last several years.

 “In the face of an economy that contracted overall slightly last quarter, we must continue to work to expand policies and investments that help the economy turn the corner, creating good jobs in vital sectors like manufacturing. They have worked and will continue to work if we continue to utilize them. Programs like the Production Tax Credit for wind power and 48C are the job creators that will put thousands more back to work, help us address the climate crisis facing our nation and give America a competitive edge next month, next year and for years to come.” 


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