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Vote Yes on California Proposition 39

Californians have the opportunity this November to create tens of thousands of jobs in California, raise $1 billion in revenue and invest in clean energy projects by passing Proposition 39. This measure would close a tax loophole that encourages companies to create jobs outside of California by allowing them to manipulate the tax system and pay less in state taxes. Proposition 39 has wide-based support but we need to work together to turn out the vote. 

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Other union members and environmentalists support this important measure. So should you.

Why Union Members Should Vote Yes

Worker at solar assembly plantCalifornia is losing tens of thousands of jobs and $1 billion dollars a year thanks to a late-night deal made at the end of the 2009 budget negotiations that created a loophole allowing California companies to create jobs outside the state and pay less in state taxes. Proposition 39 won't just fix this problem, it will create jobs.

Prop 39 will create, bring and keep tens of thousands of jobs in California. In addition, $550 million annually of the funds over the next five years will be dedicated to clean energy and energy efficiency from closing the loophole will be used to put 20,000-30,000 construction workers back to work building the energy efficiency and clean energy projects Californians can depend on to reduce our energy costs and clean up the environment. Much of the $1 billion dollars of revenue raised by closing this tax loophole will fund clean energy projects and energy efficiency improvements for public schools and public buildings. Examples of such projects include installing solar panels; repairing, insulating, or weatherizing old buildings; replacing windows with more energy efficient models; and installing technologies that require less energy. These projects are the best way for buildings to save energy and reduce their bills.

  • Prop 39 is a win-win-win: it encourages companies to create jobs here in California; generates revenue that will put tens of thousands of Californians back to work; and advances our clean energy goals
  • This measure will generate an additional $550 million in clean energy investments annually for the next five years to create good jobs making the state more energy efficient and investing in clean energy.  
  • The idea behind Prop 39 is not new. It was recommended by the independent, non-partisan California Legislative Analyst, and it is already used in a number of other states including New York, Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin.

How Can You Help?

The links to the right or below will help you get the message out to other members of your local union and your neighbors. You can:

Get Information on Voting

You can find your polling place and get more informations on the election by visiting the California Secretary of State's website

Additional Resources on Proposition 39

To learn more about Proposition 39, visit the following sites:

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DYK CA is losing tens of thousands of jobs & $1 billion a year due to companies creating jobs out of the state? Vote #YesonProp39 

#Prop39 is good for #California, jobs, business, the environment and #1u. Vote #YesonProp39 on 11/6 

Sample Facebook Post

Californians have an easy choice November 6: Do you want to reward companies that pay less in taxes while creating jobs out of our state or create a level playing field and put Californians back to work? Vote Yes on Proposition 39 for good jobs and clean energy. 

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