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Clean Energy

To compete in a 21st century global economy, the United States must build the industries that are driving the economy now and in the future. Countries across the world are investing heavily in the clean economy, and while the U.S. made significant down payments on these industries, much more is needed to create good, American jobs, and to attain long-lasting global leadership.

A key component of a clean economy is the development and production of renewable energy. Expanding these markets in the United States has enormous potential to create good jobs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on foreign sources of energy — building a cleaner, more efficient and more competitive American economy.

However, it’s not enough to invest in these industries alone. We must ensure that these good, high-paying jobs are created here in the United States. From the manufacturing of the component parts and the panels, turbines, and power plants themselves, to construction, installation, maintenance, and operation of these renewable energy systems, our nation stands to gain from smart policies and strategic investments that build a clean, renewable energy economy right here in the United States.

Renewable Electricity Standard

A critical measure in driving demand and expanding the markets for renewable energy technologies is a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES). While 29 states and the District of Columbia have implemented an RES, a federal standard that drives investment in wind, solar, geothermal and biomass energy is essential to building these industries and creating good jobs. Read more.

Clean Energy Tax Credits

Incentivizing the production of clean, renewable energy is something we can all agree on. Encouraging the development of these markets will mean increased competitiveness and more job creation as we stake our claim as leaders in the global clean energy economy. We cannot do this without vital credits that support the production of clean energy, such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. Read more.

Revitalizing American Manufacturing

Grasping hold of the clean economy can and should mean increased domestic manufacturing. To ensure this result, we need measures to encourage the development of domestic clean energy manufacturing, including  consistent, long-term funding to incentivize manufacturers to dive in to the new markets of clean energy, and for green manufacturing loan programs to provide financing mechanisms for manufacturers that want to improve and retool. Read more.