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IBEW Local 158 Gives Renewable Energy Back to the Community

Union members across the country know the importance of giving back. That's why IBEW Local 158 members recently volunteered their time to install solar panels at the Boys and Girls Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin — a move that will save the Club $400 a year.

Green Bay School District Saves By Using Less

The BlueGreen Alliance recently stopped by Green Bay School District in Wisconsin to talk to staff and contractors about the energy efficiency projects that District has done to conserve energy, create local jobs and save taxpayer dollars.

Green Bay Area School District Recognized For Energy Savings in New Video Series

Thanks to a series of energy efficiency improvement projects, the Green Bay Public School District in Wisconsin has saved an estimated 46.5 million-kilowatt hours of energy, million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and $9.7 million.

GREEN FILES: Steelworker in Wisconsin Goes Green with Solar

Chuck Porter, a member of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 2-232 in Milwaukee, WI, is taking the initiative to move to cleaner energy by installing solar panels on his roof and a solar hot water heater.

GREEN FILES: Solar Training with IBEW Local 158

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 158 in Green Bay, Wisconsin is training workers in the skills they need to safely and correctly install solar energy projects.

New Fuel Efficiency Regulations Help Our Economy and Families

The upcoming 54.5 mpg standards promise to bolster the strong automobile recovery we are seeing today. Check out the chart and graphics with state-by-state numbers.

USW Members Support Safer Chemicals

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in the 1970's, but America still knows very little about the safety of the chemicals we use everyday. These USW members want the Safer Chemicals Act so we can be safe at work and at home.

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