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Dick Breckenridge


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IMG_0091Mr. Breckenridge  came on board with the BlueGreen Alliance as the Illinois Regional Program Director February 8th, 2016. In that role, he will lead the organization’s efforts to develop and promote smart environmental solutions that create and secure quality jobs in the state.

As the Illinois Program Manager, Mr. Breckenridge will oversee policy development, organizing and advocacy goals, including the engagement and cultivation of relationships with state partners in the pursuit of a state climate change plan that creates and secures quality jobs, including conducting education, outreach, and participating in the state’s stakeholder process.

He comes to the BlueGreen Alliance after 12 plus years with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) where he was the Agricultural & Rural Affairs Advisor in the office of Outreach &Policy under the IEPA Associate Director’s Office. The position provided an interaction through the agency’s Air, Land & Water Divisions, including the Division of Legal Counsel. The position focused on a broad spectrum of renewable energy, from ethanol production to anaerobic digestion. Dick also worked closely with the Office of Pollution Prevention, which included an intern program for college-level students to work with Illinois industries, state institutions, and municipalities targeting waste reductions and energy efficiencies. Other areas of involvement included rural water systems, nutrient reduction strategies for waters of the state, innovative funding systems, educational community gardens, commercial composting, enforcement intervention and response outreach to those issues affecting citizens, businesses and municipalities in the State of Illinois.

Mr. Breckenridge was raised on a farm in central Illinois. His earliest career was in banking and conservation work, later moving to an agribusiness company, as a regional marketing and sales manager for low-carbon and stainless steel tanks.

Mr. Breckenridge received his B.S. degree from Illinois State University Agriculture.