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El’gin Avila


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El’gin joined BGA in October 2020 as Director of Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH) and Equity. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, El’gin’s experiences have shaped his approach to population health and social justice. His passion stems from his experiences and knowledge of environmental and social injustices that have plagued disenfranchised and marginalized communities both in the US and abroad. 

This fuels the work he does as our new OEHE director as he aims to bring a more just transition to solidarity platforms, worker health, environmental sustainability, and much more through his role. He aims to shine a spotlight on vulnerable populations engaging in precarious work, and looks to bring precarity and financial instability to the forefront of environmental and social justice initiatives.

El’gin Avila has worked on several projects leading to changes in federal OSHA’s implementation of COVID-19 response protocols for respiratory protection programs, and has a documented history providing technical assistance and expertise to community organizations at the local, state, and federal level. As he continues within his role here at BGA, he aims to use his technical expertise to enhance the capacity of BGA’s occupational and environmental health agenda.