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Misled: The Impact of the Trump Administration’s Agenda on Working Families and the Environment

As the current presidential term comes to an end, the nation is at a natural moment for taking stock. In evaluating the Trump administration, Americans will want to know: has this President improved my situation in life and is the nation’s future brighter? Analysis of a range of policy actions made by the Trump administration reveals that overwhelmingly the answer to that fundamental question for working families is a resounding “no.”

Senate Republicans’ New COVID Package Just as Bad as HEALS

The U.S. Senate today voted on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s COVID-19 relief package that includes provisions from their previously released HEALS Act, which would shield corporations from liability if their employees contract COVID-19 on the job.

2020 Polling Memo: Swing State Voters on Responsible COVID-19 Relief

As Congress debates the scope and scale of urgently needed COVID-19 relief and recovery packages, a recent public opinion poll highlights several critical considerations. Voters were clear. Financial assistance provided to larger corporations must be accompanied by specific and robust accountability measures to ensure that taxpayer money is spent efficiently and effectively in support of protecting jobs and positioning American industries for future success.

COVID-19 Federal Response & Economic Stimulus – BlueGreen Alliance Legislative Priorities

It is critical we ensure the safety of workers on the job in the face of COVID-19, whether they are nurses on the frontlines, workers in warehouses, utility workers keeping the lights on across the country, or manufacturing workers building essential products. Congress has taken significant steps to protect workers, and must continue to prioritize the most vulnerable; safeguard working peoples’ jobs, homes, and livelihoods; shore up essential public services; and protect the health and safety of frontline workers.