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WONK WEDNESDAY: Energy Transition – Fairness for Workers and Communities

As we work to rebuild our economy we must prioritize equitable rebuilding and investments in those workers and communities most in need, including those impacted by changes in our nation’s energy system. America’s energy transition is well underway. But a transition that is fair for workers and communities isn’t something that will happen organically.

April 2021 Survey: Voters across Six Key States Support Investments in Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Clean Energy, and Care Economy to Rebuild Economy

A survey of 1,607 registered voters, conducted by Hart Research from April 5-13, showed 90% percent of voters across six key states and across the political spectrum prioritize repairing and modernizing America’s aging physical infrastructure and rebuilding and retooling American manufacturing to build more products and technology here in the United States

Washington Makes Critical Progress on Buy Clean and Buy Fair

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed the 2021-23 Biennium Budgets into law Tuesday afternoon. The budgets make critical progress on Buy Clean and Buy Fair by funding the creation of a database to track building materials purchased for state-funded infrastructure projects and two large Buy Clean and Buy Fair pilot projects.

President Biden’s Visit to Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center Showcases Opportunity in Electric Vehicle Future

President Joe Biden is touring the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center—the plant in which the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck will be built. The BlueGreen Alliance and other environmental and advocacy groups today released a letter to President Joe Biden calling for tax credits, grants, loans, and other manufacturing incentive programs that can help to build a globally competitive domestic automotive industry and supply chain, which can support well-paying manufacturing jobs.

Wonk Wednesday: Jumping into Water Infrastructure

Our nation’s drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure is vital to the protection, treatment, and distribution of clean water. However, age, strain from population growth, lack of investment, the pervasiveness of lead pipes, and emerging threats from climate change have increased the burden on the current water infrastructure system and health risks to communities.