BlueGreen Alliance

Good Jobs, Clean Environment, Green Economy

United Steelworkers

“The USW has long believed that the goals of stopping the threat of climate change and creating thousands of clean energy jobs can and should be two sides of the same coin.”

Leo W. Gerard, USW International President

The United Steelworkers (USW) is 1.2 million working and retired members throughout the United States and Canada, working together to improve our jobs; to build a better future for our families; and to promote fairness, justice and equality both on the job and in our societies.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, the USW is the largest industrial union in North America. Its 850,000 active members work in just about every sector of the North American economy, from metals and mining and manufacturing, to healthcare and various services in both the public and private sectors. Together, the USW is one of the most diverse unions in the world.

The USW is uniquely committed to the values of environmental protection, workplace safety, and advancing the clean economy as a strategy for revitalizing American manufacturing and to create good, middle-class jobs.  

The union’s commitment to environmental protection dates back more than 40 years, and includes successful advocacy for the Clean Air Act and for laws giving workers and communities the “right to know” about the presence and use of toxic chemicals. The union’s official environmental policy statement, “Our Children’s World,” first acknowledged global warming as “the most important environmental issue of our lifetime” in 1990.

In forming the BlueGreen Alliance, the USW and Sierra Club understood the intersection of economic growth, environmental challenges and the damaging impacts of globalization, an intersection where American industries were sinking under the weight of a global economy where goods are easily imported from countries that don't subscribe to the same labor, environmental and human rights standards as the United States.

The BlueGreen Alliance advocates the creation of good, American jobs through the development of clean energy and green technologies, improved health and safety in the workplace, reduction in the use of toxic chemicals, and fair trade agreements — all with the goal of raising standards for workers and the environment here and around the globe.

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