About the Oregon BlueGreen Alliance

The BlueGreen Alliance in Oregon has a local membership of labor, environmental, and community organizations working towards shared goals at the local and state levels. We seek to work together productively and proactively to advance solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges in ways that create and maintain quality jobs and that build a stronger, fairer economy.

For more information on our work, contact Ranfis Giannettino Villatoro at rvillatoro@bluegreenalliance.org.

Buy Clean

We are working to expand Buy Clean to Oregon.The first step was to look into the in-state industries and unions that would be affected by Buy Clean legislation. BlueGreen Alliance held a meeting with key stakeholders in the state, including the Oregon Environmental Council, the OR AFL-CIO, the Oregon Sierra Club, and Climate Solutions.

Because the manufacturing sectors in Oregon and Washington exist in a different capacity than in California, the BlueGreen Alliance focused on major employment generators to work on incorporating a homegrown manufacturing benefit in any Buy Clean legislation.

In Oregon, Representative Dan Rayfield (D-16) previously introduced a version of Buy Clean policy in 2017, giving the BlueGreen Alliance an ally in the state as well as a solid place to start working with more state partners. Going forward, we are working to solidify a coalition around Buy Clean in Oregon, build support by working with labor and environmental groups in the state, and continue research to define a Buy Clean policy that works best for the state and the people. Follow our efforts here.